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Day 1 here - Giving it a another try   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-13 by RobCook2; 641 views.

From: Anne2020


The first step, the biggest step, is deciding that you are not going to light up and smoke anymore of those cigarettes'.  Otherwise known as quitting smoking.  I prefer to look at it as the first day of the rest of your new, non-smoking lifestyle. 

You are not quitting something as much as you are starting something new.  And just like anything new, practice makes perfect.

If you can line up your other go-to's, (things that will replace smoking - exercise, hot showers, deep breathing exercises, etc.) then you can start practicing your new go-to's right away.  The library on this site has some great suggestions for replacements from fellow members.  

We are all here to help you succeed.  I found that visiting the site daily and posting often help me a lot.

You can do this - its your decision and you rule your lifestyle.  Take charge and do what's right for you!



From: RobCook2


Thanks, Anne.  Great suggestions. Compiling my 'go-to' list now including gum, tart candy, etc, Always appreciate advice with battling the small but very powerful nicotine gremlin - tiny insidious demon always tapping me on the shoulder.


From: Lubbercat


Welcome to the non smoking world!  

I see you are getting your "go to's" ready......make sure ice water with a straw is at the top of that list, always a good one!

Good luck and hope to see you on here often.  Make sure to just not smoke!


From: ThomasSte


RobCook2 said:

Hello, All. Hope you are doing well and staying strong. Wish I was further along like most of you. Need to get serious. I wake up in the mornings now and have a lethargic 'sick type' feeling sort of - a lack of oxygen effect maybe.  Am guessing my lungs are coated pretty good.  Downloaded a couple apps to help succeed this time hopefully.  The mental struggle is game-on now.

You're a good guy, dude! I wish you good luck in your life without smoking!