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Doing well, but struggling, but doing well......   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-29 by BetterBuster; 804 views.

From: Anne2020


Don't give in.  Not now.  You have come so far and you do not want to back to the beginning.   And its not just back to the beginning but event further back  - for some reason, its is an even harder fight when you give in because you have lost the argument.  Now you have to fight twice as hard.  

You can win this.  Remember, you are fighting with yourself.  Since you know you, you can outsmart yourself and tell that old bygone smoking self that you want a non-smoking lifestyle which means no-smoking, at all, ever. 

Its like pulling yourself out of the tar that keeps holding on and trying to pull you back in.  Keep moving forward, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.  That's how you become strong. 

Flex those self esteem muscles and assert your commitment to a smoke free life for you.  You are mind and body building which takes practice. 

You can do this!!!  We can all do this!!!   Hooorah 

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From: Jerthie123


Incredibly inspiring words!  I love it!!!


From: xvaper


I agree with Anne 100%. You will find in this forum not just support but plenty and good information a reading that would educate you about nicotine addiction, and that in turn will help you with the mental process of freeing yourself  from nicotine.

I will offer a scientific angle to this.

When you say "my brain seems to think I've had my fun and it's getting real now" this is not exactly what is happening. Your brain has many parts and the nicotine addicted part of your brain will manipulate your rational brain to think that "one cigarette is all you need to get over the depression", or , "it's no fun now".

What your addicted part of your brain is actually "thinking" is: "Nicotine is as vital to my survival as food and drink. I am now been deprived of this molecule, and I will do everything possible to get it back" Sadly that is what nicotine does to our brain. 

Cigarettes do not help with depression. They make it worse.

Millions have quit and so can you. You have made it so far, you can do it, persevere, educate yourself on the subject and post here as often as you need.


From: SusanK1960


Hi Better,

You have past the first two of the icky three’s!

Keep up the good work!  We gotcha!


From: greyhound722


I am a three weeks also. Yoga helps me a lot. Hang in there, we can do this!

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