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May 2022 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started Apr-30 by Denim50; 1920 views.
JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



Hello, my name is J.R. and I would like to welcome you to the forum. I used the patches to help me quit as well. I had actually used them several times over the years to quit for various short periods of time while I was trying to “Kick the habit”. After reading Allen Carr’s book I realized I didn’t have a “bad habit” I had a bad addiction. Once I accepted that it was an addiction I became very serious about quitting for good. After that I started using the patches again and with their help I got through the step downs and have been nicotine free ever since. 

I mention all of that because in your post you already refer to it as an addiction so in my opinion you are in the right frame of mind to quit for good. I hope you are hanging in there with your quit and the patches. 

This forum was also a large part of my success. The support here helped me get through the time I would normally give up on my quit. 

Good luck with your quit and keep posting on the forum.

Msg 7056.7 deleted

From: allenarm


Came here after a google search. On day 6 and just went through drawers looking for anything. lol. Ok now.


From: Anne2020


Congrats, you made it past the first icky 3's - (3 days).  The nicotine is out of your system and its all a mind game now.  Distraction is the key to getting past those so called cravings - claw backs.  You just need to distract yourself for a couple of minutes and that nasty claw back disappears.  Exercise, a cold shower, a hot bath,  a bowl of ice cream, a bag of chips, some carrots and celery - do what everyou need to do to not pick up a smoke and light it.  Smoking is not the answer.  It is the demon you are running away from. 

Read - Allan Carr's Easy way to quit smoking.  This is a very funny and informative book.  you can down load it from the internet.  There is another book - why quit smoking.  YOu can also download it.

Check out the library on this site.  Read the posts of people who have been or are in the same place as yourself.  It helps to relate to others who are going through or who have went through what you are.

You are on the right path, you have made the most important first steps - keep going - you can do it and, more importantly, you want to do it.

 You won't be sorry if you don't smoke.


From: candrew


Your posts are nothine less than insperational.  You have such a wonderful message to us newbies. Yes,  the first 3 days are very challenging and I keep reaching for my pack of cigs but they are, not there. Oh, that's right "I just don't smoke anymore." I repeat this phrase frequently as I approach day 2. As you said in your post, create  distractions, do someting different to take the mind off of the cravings.

Yes Allen  Carr's book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" is a great resource. I have read it several times and also attended his video. All good stuff!

Again thank you for your posts. There are so many of us in early recovery that need this kind of attention. Live in the moment and assure yourself that you are probably doing the most important thing in your life - that is quitting smoking. Hang in there and don't lose  sight of you commitment to a better life. 

Good day

N.O.P.E today



From: Loreficent


Be kind to yourself. You can do this. Remember when you stopped before and had a few days under your belt? Remember how empowering that was? You can and will feel that way again. Those smokes you’re reaching for won’t do it. They have done nothing for us all of these years. But getting some time away from them? Ahhhhh. That’s a good feeling. You are building that feeling moment by moment. Focus on the gain. You aren’t missing anything. 
Have a good day. Be in the moment and enjoy the feeling of letting go. You got this.


From: candrew


thanks lore - i appreciate the response . today is the only thing i have to deal with - feeliing strong and happy  that i don't have to  reach for that imaginary pack . is it only in my mind that i really want to smoke otherwise the physical withdrawl has been minor so far.

"smoking does absolutely nothing for you" per allen carr

so why do it?

i am an addict and will always be so. i need  to accept that and move on..

good day,



From: overdoze


I remember reading Carrs book a while back "the nicotine monster" dying slowly, but only to awaken if we have one cigarette. so true. It is true to look at smoking as an addiction but I would also say a habit, the hand to mouth, the deep inhaling we do with cigs, and the socialization we get from other smokers. I think I have wrote it in the past that when we quit smoking and become non smokers, we have to literally reinvent ourselves, cause our identity was tied that image of smoking and now we have to create a new image in our mind and life.


From: candrew


Habit and addiction; they go hand in hand. We are powerless to both. I loved many things about my smoking. It gave me something to do when I was bored, I enjoyed the commonality with other smokers and  the ritual of lighting, drawing and exhaling the smoke. Lots of other pleasures that I would like to forget.  

Yes, it is a challenge to reinvent ourselves since we have been playing the same old game for all of these years. It feels clumsy after finishing a meal and reaching for my pack but it's not there. Oh, that's right "Ï no longer smoke" is the phrase that I repeat in my mind. As if I have to re-convince myself that I really don't want to smoke anymore. 

It is really no big deal, just don't take that first puff, tuff it out and the  feeling will eventually go away. Stay strong and keep your commitment clear in your mind. You are doing this for a very important reason. You!

Good day,


CC to Jerthie123

From: Jerthie123


Hello Andrew... Hello everyone....

I did not end up quitting the nicotine lozenges as I had hoped to and proudly exclaimed.  I wish I could say more.  I am disappointed in myself.  I am going through a lot of adjustments in life.  But Andrew.... It is great to hear that you have a few quit days under your belt!

Yes, habit and addiction go hand in hand.  I have both when it comes to the lozenges.  Habits can be changed and broken.  And addiction can also be broken once we KNOW that we are and that we do not have to remain addicted.  It is the difference between believing you are addicted and believing you can break the addiction.  We have to make that choice in our heads.

I know I am... i don't know really.  I can be free of nicotine... Have been for months, sometimes years.... But then something happens and I become addicted again.  I will continue to keep you all posted.

Keep on keeping on!!!