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Day 1again!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-5 by Devildog2147; 10643 views.

From: Devildog2147


I have tried lozenges,  patches, and the pills the doc prescribes.  I think cold turkey is probably my best bet.  

Martha I agree gotta take it one day at a time.  


From: JavaNY


Morning Devildog, 

Yeah, the just one is a guaranteed loser. Try to pick a date, not too far in the future. Memorial Day is as good as any. 




From: JavaNY


Glad you are feeling better Loreficent. 

Enjoy the weekend, all.


From: Loreficent


Thank you Java! 
Aren’t you in NYC same as X? Sure hope you guys have had a nicer Spring than we have here in Portland. I’ve been here 18 years and haven’t had such a grey, wet Spring. 
Good news is this year hasn’t been as much of a seasonal tug to smoke that I got last year. Hmmm. Maybe cause it doesn’t really feel like we’ve changed seasons yet! joyjoy

I like your picture of the Falls. We used to go there when I was a kid. All 10 of us piled into the station wagon for the drive, my dad driving, smoking his cigarette with the window cracked exactly 2 inches. Me in the way back with my brother, both of us throwing up from car sickness. Fun times!! But then we’d arrive and feel better soon as we got out of the car, and we’d be at the Falls. Always wanted to take the little boat that went down below. Maid of the Mist was it called? We never did, I think because it would have cost a lot for all of us. We always had so much fun on those trips! I’d like to go back someday and see how it’s changed. Well…maybe not. 
Seems I’m slowly learning that some things in life are better left to memories. Like smoking. We tend to forget the way it really made us feel and we hang onto these memories of pleasure. Easy to forget how it made us cough, tired, worried, ashamed, embarrassed, and really really stinky. 
Hmmm. Maybe I am having a seasonal tug and don’t realize it. I used to come on here and natter every morning while I had my coffee. It really helped keep my hands busy instead of smoking. Looks like I just did that again. joy

Anyway, thank you for the well wishes!!! Hope you stay well too! Stupid Covid. 
Hope the weekend is lovely for you!


From: JavaNY


Yes, Loreficent, I am in NYC like X. It's been a pretty cool and wet month here also. But it will be nice today and tomorrow. 

I have some family near Buffalo. We went up a few times when I was young. Haven't been there in a while. I think you are correct on the Maid of the Mist name. 

Be well and enjoy the weekend.


From: Anne2020


Hey there Devildoge 2147 - wow that's quite a name.  You gotta make the choice in your mind that you don't want to smoke.  You don't like smoking.  You want to pull out of this addiction and live a non-smoker's lifestyle.  You gotta make a non-smoker lifestyle your all time dream come true.  Wish for it with all your heart and soul.  Then, you can work on reaching that goal. Remember, you are fighting with yourself.  YOu decide if smoking is ok.  You give yourself permission to smoke or not to smoke.  Isn't it time you were real with yourself and acknowledge that you do not want to smoke anymore.

As long as you think you wanna smoke, you are creating difficulties for yourself, with yourself.  Once you get past the first three (3) days, all of the nicotine is gone from your system.  From that point on, it is your choice.  Don't give yourself permission to backtrack into that dark tar existence. 

I quit cold turkey (2+ year ago) and I can tell you, it is allot easier once you have yourself on your side.  Agree with yourself that you hate smoking and you will no longer give yourself permission to light up those STUPID CANCER STICKS. 

Come out into the light.  Breath deeply and smile knowing you have chosen to be good to yourself.  Find other things to do, to drink, to eat.  

Read the posts on this forum where you will find many, many others going through or having gone through what you are.  Comradery is very uplifting.  Read and post often.  I have read and posted on this site the whole 2+ years because it reaffirms my decision and my accomplishment of finally quitting smoking.

You can do this, because you want to do this.  



From: FriendoBill


I can relate Devildog, would still be drinking and smoking if not for the stent in my heart.  Hang in there and know that each time you stay true to your decision to quit, it gets easier and easier.  It's easy to rationalize how picking back up will help you feel better, but it's just the opposite--you might feel better in the moment followed by minutes/hours/days of feeling worse.  


From: Anne2020


So how is it going Devildog?  I hope you are hanging in there.  Keep us posted - we want to help if we can.  



From: Jatchat


Hi all just an update, on my 2nd into a quit


From: candrew


I have been thinking about you lately. Good to hear from you.

I can't tell you what quit I am at for the year.  Might be the 9th since Jan.

On the patch and pouches for a month. Doing well.