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To me 2   Quit Support

Started 6/26/22 by candrew; 13749 views.

From: candrew


candrew said:

We are both going through the mill on this darn thing.  Who ever said I would be dealing this at this time in my life? Not me! Although we are not the same age the challenges are the same when it comes to the problem, that being our addiction to nicotine. It is evil that brought it to us, from the devil (the devil in disguise). We were promised so many enticing things by it, we were cool, risk-takers, unaware of the serious health risks, etc. A TOTAL lie, much like the Democratic party in ignoring the atrocities occurring at our border. Especially the human trafficking of innocent children subjected to rape and prostitution. Sorry for the politics. With all the ill's happening in the world, all we can do is pray for God to intervene. I'm not sure even he can make a difference.  I hope he can. 

Anyways, I am extremely busy these days. What with my autobiography and a new website, my time is extremely valuable. I have no time to even think of having a cig or drink.  Good deal!   

I hope you are faring well. Hang in there young lady. This old guy will do the same.

Dancin' in the hot tub tonight



From: Anne2020


Your time to quit will come and you alone will know when it is.  It's ok if you are not ready today.  One day, you will be.



From: xvaper


Hi Andrew, Jerthie,

I am please to see you are doing so well and have gotten so far. Keep it going!!


CC to Jerthie123

From: Loreficent


Hi Andrew,

Haven’t seen you for a bit so wanted to check in. How is everything?

For some reason I stopped getting notifications from the Forum about posts in my email a few weeks ago. It made it hard to keep track of things and see if someone had replied to me and hard to find a reply again. For some other unknown reason I got an email from Delphi yesterday to verify my email address. It said they were having a hard time sending notifications ( joyjoyjoy) and needed me to verify my email. Well, now I am receiving notifications again! I give up trying to figure most of this kind of stuff out. At any rate, I feel more back in the loop now!

I read somewhere you are working on a book? That’s wonderful! What else have I missed?

Hope all is well and you are hanging in there!

Dance away!


From: xvaper


How is it going Andrew? 


From: candrew


Hey Young Lady

Read your post tonight. Up late as usual. Some nights I don't sleep 

Had a heart attack last week - like a fool I was out on my golf cart when the hurricane hit. Police caught up with me and took me to the hospital, I lucked out however, spent 3 days convalescing, Deidre my wife was so worried - we had a spat and I left in a frenzy, Stupid but I survived - God was on my side,  

How about you?  I know It's tough but I have been trying to quit since I started 40 years ago - makes me feel old at 68. Lots of life left, live it day to day and pray for the best.

My new website is ***** we will be live by next year.

Check it out.



From: candrew


Hey Lore

My book has taken a back seat to a website that I am developing with a group out of New York, Should be a killer and will probably make me a rich man, no matter, money is not important had lots growing up (trust fund dude)

I am also thinking about developing a new concept for kids in trouble.

They have been ripped off by the Democrats (trying to be silent regarding my political views)

Unfortunately, our youth can't read or write, add or subtract or otherwise speak proper English due to the Covid scare. Distance learning sucks. 

Trump is a no go. We like Desantis, no strings attached, 

Oh well, I will be up all-night writing. I love to write, maybe I will make the New York Times best seller list someday. Keep an eye out.



Hi Andrew!  It's great to see you on here.  So sorry to hear about your heart attack, not to mention the hurricane.  Wow, that's crazy!  Glad you're keeping busy on your website...can't wait to check it out once it is finished.

Glad your safe and well and still not smoking.  Keep up the great work!  You are doing this my friend!


From: JavaNY


Andrew, sorry to hear about your heart attack, but sounds like you are progressing well. Best to you.



From: Jerthie123


Andrew .... I missed you! Hope you are feeling better! In the game of life, 68 is not that old! I will look at your website ... I hope you patched things up with your wife. I am on my way out, but will try and get you again. Take care of yourself!