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Another attempt   General Chit-Chat

Started 7/18/22 by Bobcatsmkfr; 1425 views.

Hi Anthony,

You are so on spot with your post.  You have the right mindset and that is what it is all about.  I swear I just got fed up with being a prisoner to the addiction... that was my force.  No more romancing it...no more thinking it was my "friend" and the thing that calmed me.  It was the thing that was destroying me... physically, emotionally, financially.  I just had to get the mindset to believe that and the fact that I really did not "enjoy" smoking (like everybody says).  No, they enjoy satisfying the withdrawal symptoms that happen like 5 minutes after you put it out.  When you don't have those anymore, you know that was all a hoax.

So glad that you are doing this and staying close to the forum.  The forum was absolutely my go-to whenever I felt like giving in.  I would just think "How am I going to tell Denim, and Marilyn, and Brian, and every other quit buddy on here that I gave in?"  Then I'd come online and there was always someone to give me the bit of support that I needed to make it through that day.  Thank you for being here Anthony and I can't wait to celebrate each of your milestones and achievements with you!


From: tonypfan


Cindi:  Thanks for your encouragement. We are kindred spirits when it came to our nicotine addiction. You are doing incredibly well. I take hope in your recovery. Anthony 


From: Anne2020


I totally agree with what you are saying here.  Once I got the right mindset, it was much easier to see it through.

For sure.  It was actually like a light switch.


From: Anne2020


True, so true.  Like suddenly I saw past all the bunk and it all made sense.  Mindset really does make the difference in the level of torture we put ourselves through when quitting.  Here's the thing.  We put ourselves through that torture.  It isn't necessary, it doesn't have to be that way and, we can change that in an instant.  Just switch off the tortures and switch on acceptance with joy.  When I did that, it felt like I was surfing the crave waves instead of enduring them.

Mindset makes a difference.   


From: Molly010


Congratulations!  I realize I am posting a couple of weeks late but one month is a huge deal!  I remember making it to one month and thinking I could possibly do it forever!  Four years and one month later, I am still a non-smoker.  Hope you did something good for yourself.  I would try to do something for myself when I hit certain milestones that first year even if it were something simple, like getting an iced coffee or going to dinner with some of the money I saved not smoking.  Best of luck to you as you continue!