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Another attempt   General Chit-Chat

Started 7/18/22 by Bobcatsmkfr; 1424 views.

For sure.  It was actually like a light switch.


From: Anne2020


True, so true.  Like suddenly I saw past all the bunk and it all made sense.  Mindset really does make the difference in the level of torture we put ourselves through when quitting.  Here's the thing.  We put ourselves through that torture.  It isn't necessary, it doesn't have to be that way and, we can change that in an instant.  Just switch off the tortures and switch on acceptance with joy.  When I did that, it felt like I was surfing the crave waves instead of enduring them.

Mindset makes a difference.   


From: Molly010


Congratulations!  I realize I am posting a couple of weeks late but one month is a huge deal!  I remember making it to one month and thinking I could possibly do it forever!  Four years and one month later, I am still a non-smoker.  Hope you did something good for yourself.  I would try to do something for myself when I hit certain milestones that first year even if it were something simple, like getting an iced coffee or going to dinner with some of the money I saved not smoking.  Best of luck to you as you continue!