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Nope 25072022   General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-24 by Nan08; 526 views.
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From: candrew


Go for it Nan. We are here for you!

Good day,



From: Nan08


Thank you candrew. I made it through day one. I know my mindset is right. Today was easy. Let's hope tomorrow is too.. 

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From: candrew


I am replicating a post that I made tonight. I think I have a strong message to share with a few other people. Here it is:

Just checking in. How are you today?

I am well and still smoke-free. 12 weeks and going strong. It seems like longer than 3 months. Sometimes I get my dates mixed up, slight dementia. Pushing 70 yrs. I am feeling like a teenager in a senior's body. Lately my outlook on life has changed so much, I can't believe it. I enjoy things like never before. Quitting smoking is only a part of my newfound state but it has also helped me to view life in a new and exciting way. 

Yea, I am still sucking on those damn pouches. Along with my excessive caffeine consumption I sail through the days with energy and enthusiasm.  I love to spread my positive energy to family, friends and even people I meet along the way. What a difference compared to my "old self". 

I never thought I would ever quit smoking. I was doomed to be lifelong smoker or so I thought. That coupled with overcoming my demon alcohol, I now have a new perspective of my life to come. What a difference.

My message to those who are still suffering from the addiction, keep trying. It took me decades to figure it out. I have never been so confident as I am today. A day at a time I can see 2023 and beyond. Wow!

I really appreciate all of the feedback that I get daily from everyone on this site. You are a huge reason that I have been able to stay focused. I hope to never lose sight of the importance of others in my life. We will overcome. together. 

Danci'n through the day and night. 


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From: Rassister


Hello Andrew,

Congratulations on all that you have done!  I am really  happy for you.  As a long time smoker of 40 years, I share the feelings you have highlighted!  Keep dancin through the day and night.

All the best to you,


Quit 2/25/2018

March Warriors 2018


From: candrew


Hey Marylin

You have been busy making the rounds .

Thanx go the post. Yes this site has been a huge influence in my journey. I love writing positive reply’s that make me stronger in my commitment . I wish all that are suffering from this problem find the strength to overcome. Its in all of us to find freedom from nicotine. You can!