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Some helpful tips    General Chit-Chat

Started Aug-5 by strong1977; 102 views.

From: strong1977


For those of you needing some helpful tips to get thru today, i have a list of things you can do to help you 

number one, take the no smoking pledge for today, making that promise you will not smoke 

number two drink lots of water with ice, it really helps with those cravings, 

number three keep your hands busy on any task you love to do, could be knitting, coloring, building something ETC

number four, post all day long if you have to because when you chat with someone about what your going thru it really does help

number five find a  healthy snack for you to munch on

number six keep telling yourself that you got this because you do!!!!

number seven, plan a reward for you for not smoking, each day write down something you want weather it be a dinner to treat yourself or something 

number eight, with the money your not using for smoking set it aside and make a list of the things you want to save it for, every day set that money aside so you can visualize how much your not smoking 

number nine, it's okay to disconnect yourself from other smokers until you get a handle on this 

number ten, pat yourself on the back because your not smoking today 

really hope this helps all of you, wishing you all the best 

your non smoking friend for the past ten years