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If you have a strong desire to quit smoking you have certainly come to the right place! This DelphiForums bulletin board is a place where you can post issues about quitting smoking and at the same time support others in quitting smoking.

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Welcome to QuitSmokingSupport

Started 12/21/18 by bwprice; 167 views.

From: baileyredeye


Hello fellow brave ones! 

So, I'm brand new to this...This is my first attempt at quitting (have been smoking for over ten years) and ive been researching like crazy and they say that support from others in a similar situation helps so, here i am!

I had a partial intent to quit today but ive already had a cigarette in the car on the way to work so technically (and hopefully) my official quit date will be tomorrow.  I never realized how much cigarettes have a hold on me and im determined to break it!

I'll be popping in and out, sharing my progress or even my failures.  I hope that i can learn that im not alone in this and my goal is to ultimately help others come to the same realization.


Thanks for listening!

-Bailey :)