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If you have a strong desire to quit smoking you have certainly come to the right place! This DelphiForums bulletin board is a place where you can post issues about quitting smoking and at the same time support others in quitting smoking.

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Quit smoking 19 days ago and now I'm freaking

Started Jan-24 by Mymy0705; 60 views.

From: Mymy0705


Hello there, 

First time I've ever joined a group on line but I am grasping. I haven smoked for 19 days. I was doing pretty well and then I got home today and I really wanted to smoke.  I think that my day to day work stress has hit me and I don't have an outlet. Normally, I'd smoke cigarettes and have a glass of wine.  Now I'm just super anxious. I feel like I can't breath. My jaws hurt from clenching. Just looking for some advice. 


From: Harold27Z


Simple.  I shall resist the temptation to bore you with group-therapy clap-trap.

No need to bore me with stress.  I have enough to give me grey hair and a bald head.

Surround yourself with people who are genuinely sickenized by the stench of tobacco.  Let them honestly remind you how badly it stinks to high Heaven.

Consider how much money you wasted over decades instead of giving it to your family.

Prioritize.  What us more important ?  Health or making tobacco companies richer ?

Take your offspring to a hospital to see what the less glamourous apects not mentioned in tobacco adverts.

No need to thank me profusely.  Twice will suffice.

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From: LauraO37


Hi! I quit 5 weeks ago. Doesn’t seem to be getting any easier for me either. Did you quit cold turkey or with medication?