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From: ricardomath DelphiPlus Member Icon2/1/16 4:48 PM 
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There should be no bail pending trial, since the man is a clear flight risk.




Donald Trump tells Iowa supporters to physically assault protesters



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From: ricardomath DelphiPlus Member Icon11/23/16 6:46 PM 
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He should have been arrested.

Instead, he was allowed to bully his way into the Presidency.





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From: ricardomath DelphiPlus Member Icon12/5/16 6:13 AM 
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I think it's too late.

He started his campaign by bullying Iowans, and we let him get away with it.

His campaign spread a hate wave throughout Iowa, which grew in fertile ground.

Then he took his campaign of bullying nationwide, and in alliance with the NRA and the KKK, he escalated it to gunbullying.

His campaign's parting shots here in Iowa resulted in two police officers being ambused and assassinated just 30 miles south from here in the days leading up to the election.

Had this man been stopped when he came for the Iowans, he would be in jail today, and not in the Oval Office tomorrow.

But it's going to be really hard to arrest this man now that he's the President-Elect, after letting him get away with so much gunbullying during this long, long campaign.

And believe me, if you don't live here in Iowa, you have no idea just how long campaigns are.

If anybody else out there wants to have their caucus or primary be first in the nation, they can have the honor of going first next time around.

Long campaign seasons are no fun, believe me, especially when it is a campaign of hate.

Could Obama have Trump arrested if he starts a war with China before January 20th?


Could Obama have Trump arrested if he starts a war with China before January 20th? Lets say he started talking about blowing up three Georges if they don't respect us on trade and China reacted with declaring war on the United states. Could Obama have him arrested for doing so before January 20th???

I think Obama would be justified in having the SS lock him in a room while he(obama) tried to make peace. This has never been needed before because most presidents elect respect the current president.



From: ricardomath DelphiPlus Member Icon4/1/17 10:15 PM 
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Judge to President Trump: No protection for speech inciting violence

A federal judge has rejected President Donald Trump's free speech defense against a lawsuit accusing him of inciting violence against protesters at a campaign rally.


Judge David J. Hale in Louisville ruled Friday that the suit against Trump, his campaign and three of his supporters can proceed. Hale found ample facts supporting allegations that the protesters' injuries were a "direct and proximate result" of Trump's actions, and noted that the Supreme Court has ruled out constitutional protections for speech that incites violence.

"It is plausible that Trump's direction to 'get 'em out of here' advocated the use of force," the judge wrote. "It was an order, an instruction, a command."


Heimbach, for his part, sought to dismiss the lawsuit's discussion of his association with a white nationalist group and of statements he made about how Trump could advance the group's interests. The judge declined, saying such information could be important context when determining punitive damages.

The judge also declined to remove allegations that Nwanguma, an African-American, was the victim of racial, ethnic and sexist slurs from the crowd at the rally. This context may support the plaintiffs' claims of negligence and incitement by Trump and his campaign, the judge said.

"While the words themselves are repulsive, they are relevant to show the atmosphere in which the alleged events occurred," Hale wrote.




From: Freewheel (FREEWHEEL2)4/5/17 11:53 AM 
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From: Freewheel (FREEWHEEL2)4/9/17 3:44 AM 
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Just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder - -

~ from the article :

"When Trump cryptically implied military action earlier this week, my reaction was "yeah right, I almost wish you were that stupid""

"Crashing this Presidency with NO SURVIVORS

I think is going to be rather busy this weekend."


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