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From: Mispon (Mlspon)5/27/19 3:04 PM 
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In Canada a woman called up a Major National Radio Station and admitted that she had five abortions in two years, because she didn't want to have a child that might end her active career... all made under MEDICARE --  get castrated you BITCH!   




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From: B0BBI35/27/19 8:34 PM 
To: Mispon (Mlspon)  (2 of 69) 
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What career was she into?

A public brothel? wink



From: Gonzeelas5/29/19 12:03 PM 
To: Mispon (Mlspon)  (3 of 69) 
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The shove for new laws didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re part of an violent new strategy in the legal brawl over abortion, which has escalated since Republican lawmakers remove state legislatures. Because of these attempts, it’s already more difficult to get an abortion in some parts of the country than it was years ago. Now, rather than progressing to chip away at abortion rights, anti-abortion advocates want to bring a case to the Supreme Court that could lead to overturn of Roe and allow states to ban abortion totally - a goal that seems possible for the first time in decades because of a freaking five-justice conservative majority on the Supreme Court.


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From: Boba (Boitchy)5/31/19 11:18 AM 
To: Mispon (Mlspon)  (4 of 69) 
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sweat The very same people that create wars around the world, don't really care about family ties, eh?




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From: Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost)5/31/19 9:19 PM 
To: Mispon (Mlspon)  (5 of 69) 
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This woman would not be a good mother, and yes; she should pay for her own carelessness...



From: Plump (Fat_Bunny)6/1/19 5:26 PM 
To: Mispon (Mlspon)  (6 of 69) 
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What happened to the responsible mothafockering dads?


From: Dot_hoe6/2/19 8:14 PM 
To: Plump (Fat_Bunny)  (7 of 69) 
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These men aren't dads, just the word you mentioned before dads!!


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From: Eliot (Elohimil)6/3/19 11:12 PM 
To: Mispon (Mlspon)  (8 of 69) 
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Can women be castrated? laughing


From: Eliot (Elohimil)6/3/19 11:17 PM 
To: Dot_hoe  (9 of 69) 
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clap Ditto



From: NelleyPen6/5/19 3:06 PM 
To: All  (10 of 69) 
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herb feet  seedling maple_leaf 

L i F e 


Concerned people around the world leave the word "life" graffiti in nature and on street walls as a message to remind youth that there's more than phone friends out there, and the story continues...



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