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From: GonghisKhanMar-18 11:10 AM 
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A Facebook agent did not have an immediate respond to questions on the status of Facebook's content moderators, many of whom do not work directly for the company and are not always able to work from the office quarters.

Facebook bug wrongly deleted authentic coronavirus news

Facebook claims a bug in its anti-spam system temporarily blocked the publication of links to news stories about the coronavirus. Guy Rosen, Facebook's vice-president of integrity, said on Twitter Tuesday that the company was working on a fix for the problem. Users complained that links to news stories about school closings and other information related to the virus outbreak were blocked by the company's automated system.

Later on Tuesday, Rosen tweeted that Facebook had restored all the incorrectly deleted posts, which also covered topics beyond the coronavirus.

The Associated Press Staff

Published Tuesday, March 17, 2020 9:46PM EDT



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From: Samurai (BushMesh)Mar-20 1:32 AM 
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Facebook staff are mostly OUTSOURCED with little knowledge! 


From: EnnyaMar-20 8:53 PM 
To: GonghisKhan  (3 of 18) 
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FACEBOOK is so damn moronic! 

Last month they blocked a well known poet - no one know why, the poem was written in German!

  • Edited March 20, 2020 9:02 pm  by  Ennya

From: SylveriaMar-22 7:04 PM 
To: Ennya  (4 of 18) 
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Took it, and them flagged it to eliminate the track of its origins!


From: Pepe LePew (SYLVEZTER)Mar-23 4:04 PM 
To: GonghisKhan  (5 of 18) 
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BUG? ant

Are you kidding?




From: Pepe LePew (SYLVEZTER)Mar-23 4:05 PM 
To: Ennya  (6 of 18) 
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Most probably the poet was enough of a Leftiot!



From: MiyukoMar-23 10:50 PM 
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Early this month, most Facebook employees packed up and readied to work from home as the novel coronavirus spread around the world. Despite a company-wide mandate, however, the social networking giant had not figured out how to conduct its most sensitive work remotely: removing pornography, terrorism, hate speech and other unwanted content from across its site.

The people who do that sensitive work — nearly 15,000 contractors at 20 sites globally -- continued to come to the office until last Monday, when public pressure, internal protests and quarantine measures around the world pushed Facebook to make a drastic move to shutter its moderation offices.

Facebook sent home thousands of human moderators due to the coronavirus. Now the algorithms are in charge.

The social networking giant‘s content moderators were sent home due to the virus, forcing it to rely more on technology to police misinformation in the interim.

By Elizabeth Dwoskin and Nitasha Tiku
March 23, 2020 at 1:41 p.m. EDT




From: MiyukoMar-23 11:02 PM 
To: GonghisKhan  (8 of 18) 
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My mom gets (false) notification from a friends that died years ago, her account was not active since she died...


From: Weasel (poptardo)Mar-26 9:48 PM 
To: Ennya  (9 of 18) 
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Maybe someone from the ANTIFA gangs thought is was a soup NAZI poem?




From: GonghisKhanMar-27 1:16 PM 
To: Miyuko  (10 of 18) 
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astonished Facebook false notification is well known, it's only to get you back on the phone!



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