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From: Guard101Jun-19 4:37 PM 
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Since the prime minister’s re-election last fall, the Liberal minority government has increasingly been running on empty. Instead of giving Trudeau’s team a second wind, the striking of a co-operation agreement with the NDP last March seems to have given it a license for inertia.



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From: Guard101Jun-19 4:38 PM 
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Is Justin Trudeau headed for defeat?

Instead of giving JustinTrudeau’s team a second wind, the striking of a co-operation agreement with the NDP seems to have given it a license for inertia, Chantal Hébert writes.

By Chantal HébertContributing Columnist

Sun., June 19, 2022

MONTREAL -- To look back on the first stretch of Justin Trudeau’s third term is to be reminded there is a reason why no prime minister has succeeded in securing a fourth consecutive election victory in more than a century.Based on the recent past, governments do not age well. On that score, think back to Stephen Harper’s unimpressive third term or to the Liberal civil war that engulfed Jean Chrétien’s last years in office. In the end, each of those governments ended up poisoning the well of its reelection for a fourth term. At this rate, Trudeau’s tenure will be no exception.


From: drl0lip0pJun-20 2:03 PM 
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If you ask me, it must be awfully tricky to find a touch of significant reason for Trudeau to win the next election - or any sympathy from Canadian these days!



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From: Guard101Jun-21 2:02 AM 
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I'm glad that some Canadians realized the current situations.... 

Trudeau is no gift to democracy, as he pretends to be. grinning

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From: drl0lip0pJun-21 4:41 PM 
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Trudeau doesn't get much sympathy these days indeed! 



From: Schantelle (cephalogram)Jun-22 2:25 PM 
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PM Trudeau is not seen as a good leader that cares about Canadians, he is on to something other than serving the citizens! 



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From: Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost)Jun-23 12:21 PM 
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Since the past two years as seen, everything runs on corruption, most people might not know what is really happening!  


From: AuntBetsieJun-27 5:06 PM 
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A psychopath might creep around behind the facade of good sense.


From: Schantelle (cephalogram)Jun-29 12:01 PM 
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TRUDEAU became such a celebrity, they made a cartoon out of him! 

How the Prime Minister stole Freedom – modelled loosely on the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch stole Christmas – follows the trials of a Trudeau-esque leader who is tortured by freedom-loving truckers invading his capital city.

The titular “prime minister” is depicted as a dim politician (“his brain was three sizes too small”) who schemes to seize the freedoms of the Canadian citizenry in a manner similar to the Grinch scheming to steal Christmas from Whoville. In true Seussian style, it’s written in anapestic tetrameter





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