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Intuition Faith & Knowing are all vehicles for Love and Truth to speak to us of life, a life that we embody within our minds to manifest with our bodies. so that Truth might know itself.
When intuition, that originates from Spirit comes to you via the soul, (subconscious), it rises up from within and is often (generalization) felt through the heart/ chest area before it saturates the whole body/mind. Normally for me it impresses itself visually UPON my mind accompanied with an absolute sense of knowing of what to do or say in the moment.
Many people interpret intuition differently however. My best friend, doesn't visually receive anything at all. Rather her intuition is audible. Either way, or another way entirely, your higher Self will speak to you in your own personal language, whatever language that might be. What is certain though, is it will come with a sense of knowing that isn't arrived at logically or with reason. There is also a deep faith in that knowing of what to do or say as the moment transpires. I call Intuition the voice of Cause.
Instinct, different to intuition due to originating from the Soul rather than Spirit, is often felt in the stomach and originates in the subconscious itself. I find it to be a denser knowing. A heavier more physical knowing. It is connected to the earths Soul, the animal kingdom and the world around us and in us. It is more connected to what is balanced and right in the physical, what is harmonious with the body and the world together both individually and collectively. The Soul to me is like the body - always trying to stay in homeostasis. I call Instinct the voice of effect.
Life itself is also our Self. The present moment speaks to us serendipitously and with synchronicity. When we are aligned with ourselves within, we align ourselves 'without' also. As there is a flow within us, so there is an experienced flow outside of us in our everyday lives. I call serendipity and synchronicity the voice of Life.
Your whole inner and outer world is speaking to you. Listen with a still mind and an open heart - they tell the most magical stories and reveal Life's most fascinating mysteries.


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