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Sysops Wanted: Share Your Board Here!   Boardwatch

Started 10/27/16 by CDP (PerraultC); 793 views.
CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


     Sysops Wanted!

If you are a sysop looking for an additional avenue to promote your board, The Retro Room might be for you. We are an online web forum  dedicated to retro/vintage computing topics. One of the goals I had in mind when creating the forum was to provide a place to not just celebrate BBS history but to promote the boards in operation today. To that end, I invite sysops to join and post an introduction thread for your bbs' in our 'Boardwalk' folder. Use this thread (and additional threads if you'd like) to promote current happenings on your system or even share some history for those of you with boards that have been around for some years. It's a place to promote the vital information about your system (name, access info, location, sysop(s), etc) and to keep others up to date with what is going on with your system.

There's no hard rule or template for what information to provide, but I've already posted a thread for the board I often frequent - The Diamond Mine and you can feel free to check that out at the link below for an idea of what to include. You can then use posts after that to provide further details or news as I mentioned above. The Diamond Mine thread can be reached at the following address:

Here is some more information to try and address any questions ahead of time (though please let me know if you have any other questions/concerns):

  • What is The Retro Room?

The Retro Room is a new (and fledgling) forum I am hosting on Delphiforums. It is dedicated to a large number of classic computing topics, but classic telecom is a big focus of mine. This includes the old text-based online services and bulletin board services.

  • I'm already on a number of online BBS Guides and directories. Why should I bother with your forum?

  This isn't an attempt at creating another directory. There are already at least a few sites that do a great job at that. The goal here is to bring awareness to people. I'm inviting sysops to not only post what your system is and where to find it, but to shed light on the topics you cater to and services provided (such as local message boards, gaming, app doors, etc). By providing updates about your system and new developments as they occur, you are writing your sites 'story' for those who are reading the thread.
  In addition, outside of the BBS lists such as the (excellent) Telnet BBS Guide, I rarely see much promotion of bulletin boards outside the BBS world. Establishing a presence on web forums, social media, and other sites external to the BBS/Dovenet/Fidonet bubble should at least help a little in spreading awareness.

  • Who's going to see my board listing on your tiny forum?

It's a good question. We are not a big community (not yet anyway). The hope is enough people will take part that it will eventually gain traction. Even if it doesn't get super busy, we are indexed publicly so there should be a better chance of your board showing up in more search results.

  • Is this something I have to pay for? What is required on my part? I'm not going to bother with this if I'm going to have to jump    through hoops.

No, you don't have to pay anything. The only requirement is that you need to become a member in order to post (non-member guests can read posts in the forum). This is the only way to control - or at least minimalize - spammers and trolls to some extant. The good news is that there are free memberships that will suffice. There are also paid membership levels, but you only need the basic (free) one to post here. We are one of many forums under the Delphiforums umbrella. Membership information can be found at the following address:

  • Is it difficult to post in your forum?

No, not at all. Our forum uses CKeditor which is a familiar interface in the web forum world. If you're concerned about getting the proper formatting for your board's intro post, let me know and I should be able to help you out on that (although if you are using Asciiart, it may prove difficult at times).

  • Once I get to your forum, how do I start a thread for my system?
  1. Once you have signed up for a membership plan (see above), sign in.
  2. Enter the forum (at
  3. Near the top of the page, under the main banner, click on the '+New Topic' button.
  4. For the 'Subject' just enter the text 'BBS: Your board name here' where 'Your board name here' is actually the name of your board (and not that literal text of course). Prepending it with 'BBS:' just helps me keep it categorized. If you forget it's not a big deal.
  5. For the 'Folder' select 'Boardwatch' from the drop-down menu.
  6. Edit and format your post in the body section. There will be a number of toolbars above the body for formatting purposes. Have fun with it!
  7. When complete, remember to click on the 'Post' button to finalize it and post it. Don't worry if there are mistakes. You can edit the message again any number of times to fix it up.
  • Am I restricted to just posting about my board?
    Of course not. You are encouraged to check out any and all of the existing discussions and even start some more of your own. We cover a vast number of topics in the vintage computing world.


From: Cstar1


Excellent idea. I've entered a promo for this thread to run on Facebook and Twitter.


Are You A BBS Sysop? We want to know more about your board! Join the Boardwatch. in The Retro Room #bbs
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CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


Thanks a bunch :-)

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Thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us.

CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


Welcome aboard Elsa!

Do you run a BBS or frequent any of them? I'd love to hear what systems you like 'dialing' into :-) .

Either way, I'm glad to have you here. Chime in at any time.


From: drebel


Thanks for this! I posted my BBS and my door game server up on here. I hope we get some more players, at the moment we have about 145 players.

Thanks for being a champion! BBSing is not a hobby for me, it's a lifestyle and still has much more to offer than nostalgia. Please stop by sometime or our games server, port 31337.

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CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


Hi drebel and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the information. If you know of any other sysops that my be interested please let them know. I don't want to plaster Dovenet too many times, else they'll think I'm trying to spam 'em. But yeah, us BBS enthusiasts need to stick together. They make a great alternative to other social media sites that can be a real drain.

Not sure if you are familiar with Delphiforums (the site this forum is hosted on) but it is actually a survivor from the 80s as well. It used to be the Delphi Online Service and was one of the cool options when others like Compuserve and Prodigy were kings.