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One city 50 killings with charts   Social issues

Started 5/4/18 by Sand_Grain; 2165 views.

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One city, 50 killings: graphic charts show location of London's violent attacks

London has been rocked dozens of murders since the start of 2018, prompting widespread calls for immediate action in a bid to control the bloodshed on the streets of the capital.

The Met police has opened investigations into 55 murders this year - with all but one having taken place since January 1. But amid the violence, it can be hard to pinpoint why London’s murder rate has accelerated so much in the first four months of the year - and what is being done to curb it.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What's going on?

London has been rocked by a series of murders, which have been widely linked to both gang violence and domestic incidents. The first occurred on New Year’s Day when 20-year-old Steve Frank Narvaez-Jara was stabbed at a flat in Old Street.


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Here's a factual scenario how it happens.

Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick pledged to use ''Al Capone'' tactics to curb the surge in murders and knife crime.

She said a new task force of 120 officers would focus on the most violent gang members and individuals to take them off London’s streets ''for any crime''. The Met Commissioner spoke out after two more  murders in London -- bringing the total in the capital this year to 55.

An 18-year-old man died from knife wounds after staggering towards police officers on patrol in Hackney while in nearby Clapton a man in his fifties died after being punched in a row at a betting shop. Ms Dick told the Standard that the new Violent Crime Task Force would work with local police to target violent individuals and known crime ''hotspots''. 

From: Cap_Crunch


leavesEvery portrait photo posted in this particular report reveals vulnerable 'YOUNG gangster' that would do anything for money, and these 50 killers will soon be old news for another bunch in line. Reminder of Enoch Powell as he warned us about this and so many chose to ignore it, he could see it happening as he did not have blinders on.





From: Petulance


Unbelievable, non of these killers needed a gun, since most guns are banned in England!





Not to hear the anti-gunners in the USA, if there is no gun, there is no violence seems their main argument.  The rest of the World seems to refute that assumption pretty vigorously.  Gotta admit though that Chicago, Illinois is pretty bad, over 600 gun deaths a year, mostly gangbangers and young thugs fighting it out.


From: Petulance


Not anything to my surprise... HERE's yet another knifing in 90 minutes, I can't even shave my old face in 90 minutes.


Six stabbings in 90 minutes in London as 13 year-old left fighting for his life

The Telegraph 6 April 2018

A flurry of attacks saw six more stabbings in London on Thursday, compounding a recent violent crime spike in the capital. In the latest spate of knife attacks, six youths were assaulted within a 90-minute period. A 13-year-old boy was seriously wounded after being stabbed in east London, with three youths arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent, Newham Police said. He was rushed to hospital at 6.57pm after being stabbed in broad daylight.

Two 15-year-old boys were also in a serious condition in hospital following a stabbing in Mile End around an hour earlier.




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Corey Feldman stabbed:

The Goonies actor knifed and hospitalised in car attack over 'exposing paedophile ring'

Actor Corey Feldman has been stabbed by a knife-man who attacked him in his car in an alleged "revenge attack" over his decision to expose a suspected Hollywood paedophile ring. The former Hollywood child star, 46, who shot to fame during the 1980s with roles in youth films such as Gremlins and The Goonies, shared his account of the ordeal to his 155K followers on Twitter.

Feldman released two pictures of himself lying in a hospital bed on Wednesday morning.

The Los Angeles Police Department is now investigating the stabbing as an attempted murder.

  Lucia Binding Wednesday 28 March 2018 14:52




These type of violence it just a beginning, scream

it will never end, just make sure it doesn't happen in your community!




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Father of teen who will never recover from knife attack blames dysfunctional families for violence 'epidemic' in London.

The father of a teenager who will never recover after being stabbed in a dispute with a classmate has blamed dysfunctional families and poor schooling for rising violence in London.

Jamel Boyce was 17 when he was stabbed in the leg and heart in an attack believed to have happened after a “minor argument” in 2016.

The ''shy and loving'' business student was left in a vegetative state and needs constant care in a specialist unit. Police said they do not believe he will ever recover.

His father, Patrick Boyce, has waded into the debate on the rise in killings in London - believed to be partly connected to gang crime.

Chloe Chaplain 5 April 2018



From: B0BBI3


Tribal thugs brought their mentality into London!

The news press is alarmed. Last report on the Sunday Times claimed that London “is starting to look a bit like New York (aka Somalia) once did”.  That is overstating things. London’s murder tally last year was higher than that of New York, let alone that city’s peak of 2,245 in 1990. There were 130 murders in London in 2017, compared with 292 across the pond.