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Multiculturalism destroy Nations   Social issues

Started 12/1/20 by Gonghis (GonghisKhan); 8849 views.

From: Harold27Z


If I may quote ex-Ugandan dictator Idi Amin:

"We guarantee freedom of speech.  We don't guarantee freedom after speech".

Idi Amin the mass-slaughtering criminal...

Great quote and reminder of a nasty criminal warlord!


From: Harold27Z


idi Amin ensured his Baganda tribe brooked no opposition.  Other tribes were dismissed from the army. 

Idi Amin landed on a golf course and demanded a party function for that evening,  Twenty minutes into the party, he flicked his fingers. My friend saw two  goons drag out a trade-unionist who was never seen again.  The state nationalized the mines.  Miners who returned to the surface before their 8 hour shift was up,  were put against the wall and shot.  A fool planned to fly from Tanzania to Uganda.  My friend flew in and warned him he would be killed because the Amin's concillatory letter about pardoning the "misunderstanding" was untrue.

A technician arrived at Kampala airport and was refused entry due to having "apartheid" visa stamps.  The guy told the Immigration officer that sparks will fly if Amin finds out why his helicopter repair was delayed.   

A friend returned to Uganda.  Customs confiscated items despite receipts proving he had previously bought them in Uganda.  A few months later, "The times of Kampala" newspaper announced the auction of confiscated items including "The skin of an Irish leopard".   Never a dull moment.

Kampala is at the equator and a military parade included claustrophobic frogmen with rubber flippers.   A military exercise was held to demonstrate his plans to attack an apartheid city (represented by an island on Lake Victoria).   VIP dignitaries noticed his Mickey Mouse pilots kept missing their target.  The pilots were sent to Makindi torture centre also known as the "State Research Bureau".

Amin's residence "The Command Post" had chickens running around.

Amin's persuaded people to convert to Islam ... or die. 

One of Amin's soldiers shot an American whose dad was a senator or Congressman.  That brought heavy-duty pressure.   Amin ordered no Whites were to be shot (in case they were influential VIPs).  

He flew to London where Elizabeth (digit 2) at Buckingham palace asked the purpose of his visit.  Amin replied: "Back in Uganda, it is hard to find shoes which fit my feet".

Amin wanted to reach the island at the centre of a hotel pool without getting wet so he ordered a tunnel.  In exile, Ami stayed at a Saudi hotel where an expat friend of mine stayed.

Great facts and interesting story!

Although 300.000 civilians were massacred the gloomy part is that Idi Amin was also highly regarded by several Western countries during his era,


From: Harold27Z


Those were interesting times.   Never a dull moment.

At one stage, a few guys were suddenly released from jail.  One of them, Bob Astles (married to a native), told the jailer he was Ugandan and did not want to be released so he should lock the door behind him.  Idi Amin was impressed by his attitude and appointed Bob Asles as an advisor.

Journalists were usually concentrated in one or two hotels whose phones were bugged by security agencies.  A BBC journalist relayed messages via his wife who passed on the "scoop copy" to the BBC.  One day, a call was interrupted by goons telling the journalist he must only speak his home language.  The journalist explained his home language was Welsh not English.

Hotel lobbies were infested with with shady security agents trying to look inconspicuous in dark sunglasses.  Along came UK journalist Sandy Gall who had the gall to shake hands and introduce himself and enquire their business in a friendly way.  No doubt they were the pride of the "intelligence" service.

Farmers were compelled to provide produce to the government in return for worthless IOUs.  Farmers accused of selling their produce across the border were shot.

I met an Asian who had been deported without compensation.  Flight delays resulted in Asian traveller luggage getting soaked on the runway for days.

Back in those crazy days, Israeli commandos rescued about a hundred hostages from Entebbe airport.

There was an airline named "East African Airlines" jointly owned by Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.  An auditor's report said it had 900 staff and 2 planes.  Spare parts were often stolen from plane 1 and sold on the black market for plane 2 and vice-versa. Most of the staff had to walk 20km to work and upon arrival, were too tired to perform their duties.

Somehow, the airline went bankrupt.  A UK accountant was called in to investigate.  One evening, working late he searched for a pencil sharpener.  Lo and behold, he discovered a drawer stuffed with 2 million dollars in stale cheques never deposited at the bank. 

Pardon me for digressing but I must tell you about a TV station somewhere in "liberated" west Africa.  Colonial ex-pat technical engineers instructed their affirmative replacements upon the "A B C rotation procedure".  Basically 3 transmitters were recycled every 8 hours in rotation allowing time to cool-off.  Lo and behold, transmitter A was left on and burned out.  No problem; transmitter B was switched on.  In due course, transmitter B also burned out.  No problem, transmitter C was switched on.  In due course it burned out.  Somehow the TV station experienced a blackout.