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Islamic State fighter slipped into Europe   Travels and Customs

Started 2-May by DimeTrious; 308 views.

From: DimeTrious


That is the biggest problem, and we see it in Greece, whereas our culture is vanishing!

The overwhelming migrants move to Europe to turn it as a failed state as theirs!


From: Harold27Z


The current health hoax proves there is an invisible global government.

European politicians and controlled opposition guys do not care what is best for Europe.

In general, those in central circles of power belong to secret satanic cults whose specialities include child abuse. 

Politicians know failure to obey bankster instructions will result in exposure of their perversions.

A pedigree horse breeder would not allow his mares to breed with a gypsy horse.  Yet he'd approve of his daughter being a DNA traitor.

I suspect fluoride in the water helps to dumb-people down.  So many stupid Europeans fawn over exotic suntanned life-forms and support the BLM theory and beg forgiveness for their own complexion.  Yet none of those liberal scum can identify anything invented by those uni-freckle life-forms back in their own natural environment.  I detest liberals because THEIR actions, traitorous deeds and squealing like Stasi informers, allowed civilization to decline.

Flame-throwers on the border will soon solve the problem.  The filth must be deported, from Lesbos and every other part of Europe.

In the late 1960's Britain had legislation preventing civilized people having free-speech.  Today, the truth is censored on the mass media and  the Internet for crazy vague "free-speech violations".   Liberals will never engage in logical debate.  They just parrot-off their cliche slogans and buzzwords eg "fascist", "racist", "bigot".  Diverity is a disaster for European civilization.  How comes western governments do not insist upon diversity for non-western nations ?

History repeats itself and Europe is heading for the Dark Ages and Black Plague.

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From: DimeTrious


Here's is how demonic the LEFTIOTS are!

Candace Owens: The left has become desperate

13 Apr 2019 Fox News
Turning Point USA's Candace Owens speaks out on 'Watters' World' after her exchange with Rep. Ted Lieu that broke an online viewing record.



From: polinious


Harold27Z said:

I suspect fluoride in the water helps to dumb-people down.

Absolutely true