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Peaceful people being harassed   Social issues

Started 6/30/20 by Sand_Grain; 16500 views.
Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


Mark Levin:

Black Lives Matter is a MARXIST, Anarchist Movement and They Admit It!

BlazeTV 23 Jun 2020
"We are trained Marxists," is what the co-founder of Black Lives Matter movement has said publicly. They're not hiding it! And their goal is to overthrow the country to get Trump out. "It's pathetic!" Mark Levin says.


Eric (lokisgodi)

From: Eric (lokisgodi)


"..Marxist anarchist organization...."

This guy is an idiot.

Which is it? Marxism and anarchism are polar opposites.  Marxism is all about using force to coerce people who do not believe. Marx talked about the liquidation of groups and classes of people. Marxism seeks to organize a vanguard party and to lead a proletarian uprising to assume power of the state, the economy, the media, and social services  on behalf of the proletariat and to construct a single-party socialist state.

Anarchism  seeks the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.

That's the exact opposite of Marxism.

Saying Marxist Anarchist in the same  sentence is the equivalent of saying liberal conservatives in the same sentence.

Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


Check the latest on Maxine Waters, you might change your mind, she wants to eliminate the police, she wants the riots, she wants to invade the White House and jail Trump and his administration... she started the chaos!

You won't see that on the regular media, CNN and its corrupt brotherhood!

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Gonghis (GonghisKhan)

From: Gonghis (GonghisKhan)


More shocking, a Korean fashion outlet was trashed and looted as well!!

Korean immigrant business destroyed by looters. He came to the US in search for a better life. In one night, all his hard work and effort are loss from rioters and looters.



From: Berylline


This is why the rioters won't get sympathy from the majority!

Perhaps you should read a little more history. In the late 1800 at a meeting in Haymarket Square over people striking for a 40 hour work week, 1 of 8 anarchists threw a bomb into the crowd that killed one police man and injured many others. All 8 were convicted as ANARCHISTS, in the end, four were hanged, the others got to go to jail for a  spell. This is a decision by consensus? Don't think so pal. 

ADDLER (DitmarP)

From: ADDLER (DitmarP)


I feel so sorry for the Korean guy of the City Fashion shop, I'm sure he worked very hard to get it successful!

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


Maxine Waters did not condone the looting and violence that occurred during some of the protests but called it “minor” compared to the number of people who came out to demonstrate, and argued that without protests there would be no moves by lawmakers or law enforcement officials to reform troubled police departments.


From: Petulance


People give this woman too much attentiom already!

Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Gloomy Marxist quotation

''The product of mental labor - science - always stands far below its value, because the labor-time necessary to reproduce it has no relation at all to the labor-time required for its original production.''

Karl Marx