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Massachusetts students must quarantine   Dare You - Politics

Started 19-Sep by AuntBetsie; 108 views.

From: AuntBetsie


Superintendent David Sawyer notified other parents in a letter Tuesday night.

Parents Knowingly Send Student Who Was Infected With COVID-19 To School

Nearly 30 Massachusetts students must quarantine for 14 days after a fellow student went to school despite having tested positive for COVID-19. The Attleboro High School student was tested for coronavirus on Wednesday, Sept. 9, and received a positive result on Friday, Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux told HuffPost. The parents then sent the student to school on Monday.

Heroux said the student should have been kept isolated after the test date. The city’s contact tracing team identified the issue on Monday afternoon. When authorities contacted the family Tuesday morning, he said, the parents confirmed they were aware their child was infected but thought they could still go to school after quarantining for several days. He said that the student had posted about his diagnosis on Snapchat, prompting chatter on social media pages.

HuffPost Josephine Harvey September 17, 2020

Like it's something new in the mainstream media?

Everyday we hear of more of this sort of quarantine!

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From: BarthaS


No one is really absolutely sure who is actually infected!

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From: AuntBetsie


So up to this date we don't know what is really happening, some doctors are into a puzzle as well because everything is extremely politicized! ! 

For sure, we can't save the world without accurate knowledge!