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Yasmin Ratansi - yet another corruption    Dare you - Canada

Started 10-Nov by DimeTrious; 553 views.

From: DimeTrious


Liberal MP out of caucus after employing sister for years using public funds

Yasmin Ratansi to sit as Independent, will 'await guidance' from ethics commissioner

A Toronto MP is leaving the Liberal caucus after CBC News found she had employed her sister in her constituency office for years using public funds -- a violation of parliamentary rules. Yasmin Ratansi announced her departure late Monday on Facebook.

Ratansi said she will continue sitting as an Independent, representing her constituents in Don Valley East, and will "await guidance" from the ethics commissioner. The statement comes more than 30 hours after CBC News asked her office for comment on the issue.

Several former staffers told CBC News Ratansi tried to cover up the relationship by having her sister use a fake first name and telling some staff to keep their family connection quiet.

Ratansi, a backbencher, is a trained accountant and became the first Muslim woman elected to the House of Commons in 2004. She lost the seat in 2011 and won it back in 2015. Ratansi is the chair of the standing committee on environment and used to be the vice-chair of the committee overseeing federal government departments' expenses.

Her sister Zeenat Khatri has worked as her constituency assistant for much of her time in office, according to six former staffers. During her early years as an MP, it was against the rules to hire "immediate family" including parents, spouses and children, but not siblings. That changed in 2012 when the House's Board of Internal Economy updated its bylaws, said House director of communications Heather Bradley.

'Blatant disregard'


Ashley Burke · CBC News · Posted: Nov 09, 2020 10:36 PM ET


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From: DimeTrious


eyes  So far, Yasmin Ratansi was caught to be one more sleaze in Trudeau's government, anyone wonder how many more are there out there using our tax money for personal partiality?



From: Dot_hoe


So - does these scams ever seem to stop with the Lefties?

She should be dismissed without pay and ushered out. The rest of her company should be responsible as well. They knew it was wrong and tried to find the middle corrupt ground.  


From: DimeTrious


thumbsup Yes, however...

Under Trudeau's watch nothing ethically and legal will be done to apprehend crooks!

Most probably there's a lot of these favouritism and not known to the mas-public.

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From: Dot_hoe


Ex-employees say Toronto MP Yasmin Ratansi mistreated them

CBC News: The National 12 Nov 2020

Former employees raise new concerns about the work environment created by Toronto MP Yasmin Ratansi, who is leaving the Liberal caucus after CBC News found she employed her sister for years against parliamentary rules.

Note: a previous version of this video was removed due to an editing issue.

Watch The National live on YouTube Sunday-Friday at 9 p.m. ET


From: Dot_hoe


The sister even changed her name to go incognito!


From: Sylveria


Some politicians have all the nerve and feel they are above the legal laws. ..  don't we know it by now? 


From: Nathannail6


At all times be careful when it looks too good it could be a rip-off!