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The risks with the vaccine   Health and Science

Started 10/12/20 by AuntBetsie; 36199 views.
Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


I moved here about 7 years ago, but I am barely conversant. I know single words, and can ask very simply questions, but since so many people you meet (especially under the age of 50) speak English, it's not been something that I have *had* to learn.  My job is to handle the English-speaking clients for the Finnish company I work for, so again, little incentive to learn. I try to speak to the grocery cashier in Finnish, and she switches to English to be nice! "No no, I need/want to learn Finnish!"  :) 

Duolingo has Finnish now, and when it was released, it was the number 1 chosen language in the first day of all the langauges that they offer. I have the most trouble pronouncing the a vs. ä or the o vs ö. I can't seem to hear the difference or be able to pronounce them correctly. And words with double-consanants -- since you pronounce every letter in the word, vowels are easier than consanants. 

And there is your language lesson for today!  :)