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Dead Soul - Burn Forever   Arts and Entertainment

Started 8-May by Seaguil; 155 views.

From: Seaguil


Dead Soul was formed in 2012 as a cooperation between blues artist Slidin' Slim and electronic artist, song writer and producer Niels Nielsen. The two of them had collaborated earlier, but now, as Dead Soul, they have created something entirely new and darkly enthralling.

     Welcome into the darkness.

Directed by Phillip Kullgren & Niels Nielsen.
Video produced by Pellen Productions.

Dead Soul - Burn Forever
Razziarecords - 4 Oct 2013


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From: Seaguil


Here's what Anders has to say about the inspiration behind the lyrics:

"I've been surrounded by religious people my whole life. I grew up in a family where my mother worked in the protestant church most of her life and my father converted to the Catholic Church as a young man. Every Sunday up to my early teens I went to church with either my mum or my dad. Not because I really wanted to but I had no choice. Having discussions about life and death, heaven and hell with priests was a big part of my childhood. Despite of this (or because of?) I began loosing faith in organized religion early on and during a 6 year long stint as an odd-jobber in the Catholic Church I learned (way too) much about the ugly face of religion and people who call themselves Christians. I just can't stand the hypocrisy that comes along with whole thing. Today I even have a hard time entering a church but I'm still deeply fascinated with philosophical aspect of good and bad, the image of heaven and hell and strongly believe that no one will get away from facing the consequences of your actions. If there's a hell I'm sure I'll see you there."

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From: Seaguil


Dead Soul - Live In Studio Underjord 2014

filed on 27 Aug 2014

The Cortina Collective

Tracklisting: 00:00? Hounds Of Hell 05:35? They Will Pay 09:30? Do Your Job 13:30? God Where Are You Now 18:43? Burn In Hell 24:15? Dead House 26:26? Kill The Past 30:45? Find That Man 36:00? Asylum

Audio Crew:
Audio engineer Joona Hassinen
Mixed by Niels Nielsen
Audio edited by Henric Bellinger
Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering
Released by Razzia Notes

Film Crew:
Stellan Andersson - Director
Tobias Öberg - Director Of Photography
Carolin Sellman - VJ/VFX
Fredrik Davidsson - VJ/VFX
Robin Lind - Photographer
Joni Mälkki - Driver
Sitcom Collective
Chimera Studio



From: Obezlix



The general public who hold our current civilization hostage are of the very pitiless social systems; they certainly don't want to take the responsibility for the current series of command which might be anticipated on outstanding talent.


From: Seaguil


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