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The Nazis and the Church - (POEM)   Humanist listings

Started 17/5/21 by AuntBetsie; 7223 views.
In reply toRe: msg 39

From: Harold27Z


From: Petulance


Liars as Harold, wouldn't remember what they may have said a couple of days ago. 

Attention everyone

Petulant accused me of lying and not remembering what I said a couple of days ago.

By the same token, I reckon he is a bast@rd shill.

I have not lied.  Pray tell, which lie am I supposed to have said ? Repeat:  which lie am I supposed to have said ?

Whereabouts did I claim to be currently residing in America ?  Absolutely NOWHERE.

So I do recall what I said a couple of days or weeks ago.

Which of you are now filled with the same MORAL INDIGNATION I would receive if I lied or even spoke the truth ?

If it weren't for double-standards, the clique hereon would have no standards at all.

Galatians 4:16 Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth ?

Should it be called the battle of the gullible, over several centuries? wink