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The Nazis and the Church - (POEM)   Humanist listings

Started 17/5/21 by AuntBetsie; 14776 views.
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Weasel (poptardo)

From: Weasel (poptardo)


You probably have seen other documentaries on Hitler and World War 2 but capturing interviewing with German Ace aviators famous for the kill records is very rare. Whatever your point of view to Hitler and The Germans in WWII I believe that will find this analysis and those who speak in it fascinating. 

German Experts Reveal Why Germans Followed Hitler & How They Felt About It

David Hoffman Jan 24, 2019  #nazi #hitler #wwII

This is a clip from a 1 hour PBS television documentary that I made called " How Hitler Lost the War." My team & I found these incredible old German pilots and historians to be truthful and what they saw and how they felt about Hitler, the Nazi war machine, world war II, German military technology and more.

Dragoku (Drac00la)

From: Dragoku (Drac00la)


Realistically understandable and viewed in old films that the Catholic church had a close relation with the POPE! 


From: MochaSofa


The Catholic church had close relationship with the NAZI, because they always think that the Jewish people (in Israel, land of Abraham and Moses) killed "Jesus" the son of "God".... and of course the narration is totally false... ...  after all these centuries, time to look at more reasonable themes to believe any of it.



From: BarthaS


Christians in Germany respond to the Nazi regime and its laws, particularly to the persecution of the Jews. The racialized anti-Jewish Nazi ideology converged with antisemitism that was historically widespread throughout Europe at the time and had deep roots in Christian history. For all too many Christians, traditional interpretations of religious scriptures seemed to support these prejudices. 


From: BarthaS


 NPR’s Sylvia Pogglioli points out, a plaque standing just 800 yards from St. Peter’s Square states, “On 16 October 1943 entire Jewish Roman families ripped from their homes by the Nazis were brought here and then deported to extermination camps. Of more than 1,000 persons, only 16 survived.”


From: MochaSofa


Was Adolph Hitler a devouted Catholic?

All the Catholic people I met deny it!  worried