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Companies Targeting Poor Nations   Health and Science

Started 14-Jun by Gonghis (GonghisKhan); 230 views.

James Marion Sims was an American physician in the field of surgery, both known as the "father of modern gynaecology" and as a controversial figure for the ethical questions raised in developing his techniques

japanese_goblin Vaccine Companies Targeting Poor Nations

Loch Agape
Published 6 days ago |

The pure evil of vaccine companies.

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From: polinious


Vaccine companies feel the urgencies to create another human disaster by meddling  into foreign countries and create more deaths and hatred than we already have seen!!

Despicable !! Globalism!!! globe_with_meridians

Good luck everyone!


From: maxi4


Your source is for sh*t, ace. Come on, we're not idiots.


After the Ebola incident in Africa not many of them trust any of the western vaccines...

NEWS report that the country’s health system is not faced with the daunting task of responding to outbreaks of COVID-19 and Ebola. The report pointed out that while Ebola is far deadlier than the coronavirus, it is not transmitted by asymptomatic hosts. The last outbreak ended up killing about 11,300. The country of 12 million, which is one of the world’s poorest, is in the process of erecting treatment centers to deal with the potential of an increase in patients. The outbreak has occurred in the southeast region of the country. Health officials there believe the outbreak started at a funeral.

Soon after, -DRC;s reports more new case of Ebola in North Kivu province, where a resurgence of the virus was announced on Feb. 7.

That's interesting, I have been there for a peak, most of the poll are over the norm! !

So -- I've heard as well!