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Bio-Terrorism by Vaccination   Health and Science

Started 23-Jun by Dee (DLAINEDEE); 394 views.



This is worth everyone's time to watch.  We need to protect the children!

Bio-Terrorism By Vaccination! - Dr Peter McCullough with Reiner Fuelmich


From: NewsFrea1


Perfectly spot on - just what a lot of people suspected about the bio-weapons 

Thank you for sharing, mostly everyone should share this again!  clap


From: Harold27Z


Sometimes speaking the truth is labelled as "fake-news".  Heaven knows how many pig-ignorant comrades have disparaged my views without providing counter-arguments.  indeed if they do so, I might suddenly become a trendy-lefty and preach with the zeal of the newly converted.

Somehow, my truth seems to disturb comfort zones.  Check this link and see how some try to hurt my feelings.  But its just like water dripping off a duck's arse.


In reply toRe: msg 1

People have to remember it is not a vaccine it's a scare tactic shot - the "CONvid vaxx" is a bio-weapon

As of lately a huge distrust of large pharmaceutical companies getting huge profits above public health -- again understandable -- it has driving suspicion about the motives of private corporations that have had piles of taxpayer cash thrown at them.

For certainly there's no actual pandemic,  various key factors around the world within the citizens have varied reasons for the current vaccine scepticism; amid ethnic communities, there is a deep-seated and justifiable mistrust due to past government -endorsed medical abuse that is reflected in polls about the COVID-19 vaccine.

That is the Irish forum that hosts a nasty lefty mob of people that attacked a poet for no reason other than she only peeked in - absolutely said nothing!                                      Just a look-in!     This is the poet and her own FORUM     NelleyPen

From: Harold27Z


Correct.  Sometimes the host (SQUADDYB) pretends to be conservative but he is a bull-shitter. I do not reply to his antagonistic provocations.

Sounds like a he is a community alley bully!


From: Harold27Z


He claims to have served in occupied Ireland in the security forces - army and/or B-Specials police.  If so, antagonizing civillians must have been the spice of life for him.  He definitely is a trendy-leftie. 

I am not into small-talk.  Whenever i post something controversial, it soon gets relegated to invisible archives.

I am used to that from several Delphi forums plus several other websites from which I was disabled for contradictory "free-speech violations".


From: misspig9y


Yes, indeed I have the feeling that there was never a pandemic but actually a PLANdemic set up --  to control everyone into submission paying tax-money to corrupt drug vendors.