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Hoax gloating   Health and Science

Started 21/10/21 by Harold27Z; 1827 views.

From: drl0lip0p


Absolutely! !!  dropletthumbsup 

Good point on that one among many other statements and its developments! ! 


From: Dot_hoe


Swingers under the pendulum usually are too brain-numb to realise what is actually going on around them!


From: HerbSouth





From: Harold27Z


As a social justice warrior, I am processing multiple ideas for a super-sarcastic poem and / or song about Stasi who violate human rights.

These tunes below are earmarked for my enhanced lyrics.                   (kareoke version with lyrics)


As a kid, I was inspired to write a true but derogatory poem about a brutal history teacher. It described him down to a "T" so I pinned it on the staff tea room wall.  It was written in an evil medieval Chaucer style. Next day, a teacher recognized my exquisitely beautiful handwriting which I try not to boast about.  He told me to write another poem but saying something nice about someone.  Alas, I lacked inspiration.  Conflict is the spice of life.

The teacher is a brute of 13 stone.

A tall skinny guy made of flesh and bone.

His hair, like the Ace of Spades is black.

Short, no sideburns, but thick at the back.

Below a tiny fringe, a suspicious stare,

He's ugly as s**t but he don't care.

His back is perpendicular to the ground.

His ears detect every whispered sound.

His brolly is protection from rain.

Inside of which, he hides a cane.

Wicked and cruel, he'd boast and shout.

He'd cane a kid, day in, day out.

He checked your homework, and thus he knew,

It's quality and graded it below it's due.

If not satisfied, you'd scream and wail.

His face is miserable and very pale.

He marches upright, fast and straight.

Head shaking in rhythm with his pulse-rate.

His shoulders twist from side to side.

His loud mouth opens very wide.

He breathes in heavily, he exhales slow.

He paces the room, to and fro.

He must bend down low to unlock the door,

A monster and a sadist, he has a store.

Of history stories, boring in the main.

A bastard well-known for inflicting pain.

He likes to wave his hands round and round.

And punish all the messers he found.

He admires Calvin and Erasmus.

But most of all, he adores John Huss.

He looks about 40, but is 20 years old.

In his palm, the chalk he rolls.

He rubs his nervous itchy jaw.

A black SS coat he often wore.

Over a faded suit of brown.

He slithers along with a wrinkled frown.

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