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How to Destroy Trump    Dare You - US Politics

Started 15/11/21 by Seaguil; 3026 views.
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Aurrora (momaura)

From: Aurrora (momaura)


maxi4 said:

Hey, do you have another picture of yourself. I just don't believe that this picture is really you.

The question might be, why is HAROLD using Hendrik Verwoerd portrait image?

Hendrik Verwoerd

Birthdate: 8. September 1901
Date of death: 6. September 1966



Aurrora (momaura)

From: Aurrora (momaura)


It is obvious that you don't know Hendrik Verwoerd - that is the pic Harold used!

"Verwoerd was a South African politician, a scholar of applied psychology and sociology, and chief editor of Die Transvaler newspaper. He is commonly regarded as the architect of Apartheid"


From: AuntBetsie


That's right I didn't know Hendrik Verwoerd and most the the South African politics!


From: maxi4


It's not the pic used.

Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


Harold27Z said:

I will ask  why they did bugger-all research.

What research did you do? Did you collect data from 1000s of samples? Did you go to school to take the relevent courses to understand the data and to make the scientific analyses? What methods did you use? Did you account for outliers? Did you submit your findings to be peer-reviewed? Did you have a control group? How large was the sample size you used? What devices did you test the samples on?  Did you do actual research, or did you just dig deeper to find others who echo your same beliefs?  How is your "research" (read: opinion) more thorough than that of thousands of scientists who agree on the value of vaccinations? If you're going to question the sources from where I take my advice, then I have every right to question you and your sources in the same manner. 

So fess up. How did you do YOUR research?


From: Harold27Z


"He is commonly regarded as the architect of Apartheid" - That's suntanologic bull.  Colonial Britain fathered apartheid.

  • In 1809 the NATIVE PASS LAW of the BRITISH government at the Cape of Good Hope compelled blacks to carry a pass book. (Verwoerd was not even born yet.)
  • In 1865 the British born Sir Theophilis Shepstone PROHIBITED blacks in the province of Natalia to have any voting power.(Verwoerd still was not even born yet)
  • In 1894 Cecil John Rhodes PREVENTED a colored man- one Krom Hendriks– to join the national cricket tour to England.(Verwoerd was 1 year old.)
  • In 1905 Rhodes COMPELLED schools in the Cape Province to SEPARATE white British and black people.(Verwoerd was 12 years old)
  • In 1913 the British NATIVE LAND ACT 2 prohibited black people to own land.(Verwoerd was 20 years old and still a student)
  • In 1925 British minister HW Sampson promulgated the act on Labor Demarcation to divide whites and blacks.  (Verwoerd was 32 and not a politician yet)
  • In 1927 the Immorality Act was promulgated in British controlled Natal to prohibit intimacy between black and white.(Verwoerd was 34 and still not into politics)
  • In 1936 SEPARATE representation in parliament was promulgated by none other than liberal British  puppet Genl. Jan Smuts.( Verwoerd was 43 – an editor of a newspaper and not in politics yet)
  • In 1945 the Native Urban Area Act prohibited blacks to stay for longer than 72 hours in a white urban area.( Verwoerd only then -at the age of 52- entered politics but had no portfolio to take any decision in parliament yet.)
  • Lastly the term “Apartheid” was not even used by Verwoerd first, but factually by Dr. DF Malan.
  • Dr Verwoerd's party only gained power in 1948 and in 1958, Dr Verwoerd became a government minster.

From: Seaguil


We can't wait to endure for the next hoaxing VIRUS! sweat_smile

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From: AuntBetsie


I know. I gave the profile of the person in the image,  Harold used.

There are also a few videos about Hendrik Verwoerd on youtube...