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BLM caused harm to minority communities   Conservative's view

Started 18-Mar by AuntBetsie; 3601 views.

From: Guard101


I'm positively sure people noticed, but not often pointed it out!


From: AuntBetsie


I've been left speechless by comments on several occasion, I have no idea what he is getting at.

Amid quite a few other issues, Biden is an insulting sting to everyone's intelligence.


From: Guard101


Right! I could not have said it any better. thumbsup

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Do black lives really matter… to black people? May 25 marks the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer in 2020, sparking a wave of protests under the anthemic banner of “Black Lives Matter.” The narrative of young black men being killed across the nation by white cops was strong and inspired a Covid-summer full of protests and promises of change.

Happy anniversary — and a fast forward to 2022, when New York City mayor Eric Adams finally said the quiet part out loud. Adams slammed Black Lives Matter and anti-police activists after a recent spring night of bloodshed across the city that left more than a dozen people shot. “Where are all those who stated ‘Black Lives Matter’?” Adams said. “The victims were all black.” Three people killed and thirteen others wounded in a series of shootings. Zero were shot by police officers. “The lives of these black children that are dying every night matter,” Adams said. “We can’t be hypocrites.”

Lots of interesting statistics in this article.  Readers of the Manhattan Contrarian will be acquainted with the vast sums of money that are spent on public housing in New York City and how despite that how poorly maintained it is.  Public housing also tends to be a crime zone:

New York and NYCHA are simultaneously among the most diverse places in America and the most segregated. About 27 percent of the city’s households in poverty are white, but less than 5 percent of NYCHA households are white. In contrast, about a fourth of the city’s households in poverty are black, but black households occupy 45 percent of NYCHA units. But even that does not tell the real tale. NYCHA is segregated building-by-building. Rutland Towers in East Flatbush is 94.9 percent black. Though Asians make up less than 5 percent of the overall NYCHA population, the La Guardia Addition at Two Bridges is 70 percent Asian.

NYCHA is also very dangerous. The NYPD counted fifty-nine homicides on NYCHA property in 2020, up 41 percent from 2019. The murder rate is far worse in the projects than elsewhere. As of late 2020, the projects saw 15.5 homicides per 100,000 people, compared to only four per 100,000 elsewhere in the city. Police counted 257 shooting incidents in NYCHA projects in 2020, a 92 percent increase over 2019. Some sixty-seven shootings were reported per 100,000 NYCHA residents, compared to twelve per 100,000 in the rest of the city. A lot of numbers that all add up one way.


From: NewsFrea1


A century from now - it will be called, the "era when a skin colour ruled politics" and people will laugh

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From: Pinck0


In this clip, Faizon Love talks about the $6 million mansion that the founders of BLM bought for themselves in wake of George Floyd's murder. This sparks a conversation about charitable organizations and if they really make an impact on the people. To that, they bring up notable names during their discussions such as Cesar Chavez, Malcolm X, and MLK. As the interview moves along, Mark Zuckerberg's $100 million donation to public schools in the city of Newark and Ras Baraka's (the city's former mayor) shocking revelation that the students themselves received very little of the money. To that, Faizon says that he once wanted to run for mayor of Newark (New Jersey).

Faizon Love on BLM Buying $6M Mansion with Donation Money (Part 36)

19 May 2022 djvlad


The riots led by BLM leaders led to over two dozen deaths, many people injured (we never hear about these people, but many have had the rest of their lives negatively impacted) and two billion dollars worth of property damage, a considerable proportion to businesses operating in black neighbourhoods.

Any guesses as to how much charity these people received from BLM?


From: Pinck0


Moral values with better ethics should always be the primary matter!

It's usually always someone else's fault, most of the irresponsible people have the tendencies to push and blame everything on others.