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Speechless   Lecture and Books

Started 7/5/22 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 2905 views.

Here is a really significant book that deserves the attention of everyone concerned with language, meaning, and culture.

Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds by Michael Knowles (Regnery Publishing, 2021) explores not just the obvious progressive takeover of education and media, but also the way in which our vocabularies have been shaped by a small group of people who demand adherence to their definitions of words and their ideas about what words can or cannot be used.

You'll find it on Amazon here:

Just short of 2500 ratings.  Almost all readers give it 5 stars.

The author includes a glossary at the end, for example:

anti-racism: racism against white people.

colorblindness: the refusal to judge a person on the basis of his race, once considered an expression of anti-racism, now considered a form of racism.

decolonize: the introduction of an invading force (archaic: the withdrawal of an invading force).

Dreamer: foreign children under the age of forty-four who legally reside in the United States illegally.

hard work: a tool of white supremacy, according to the Smithsonian (archaic: the virtue of diligence).

intersectionality: a system of privilege whereby one's value corresponds to the number of alleged victim groups in which one can claim membership.

justice-involved person: a criminal who has been arrested.

literally Hitler: a political opponent who is not Adolf Hitler; any effective Republican or conservative officeholder.

mostly peaceful protest: a riot.

racism: the refusal to judge people on the basis of their race (archaic: judging people on the basis of race).

social justice: getting what one does not deserve because one is a member of a favored group.

toxic masculinity: the refusal of some men to behave like women.

undocumented American: a foreign national


From: funiki


Looks like a great book to read and share the hidden knowledge. ..

..... thank you! thumbsup


From: Seaguil


Together, these historical leaders paint a pretty dire picture of our democracy, saying that the U.S. is under the control of an “invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people” and this “invisible government is the true ruling power in our country.”


From: funiki


They got something cooking that certainly stinks!  mask


From: NewsFrea1


Most probably I'd become oddly speechless just reading the book, thanks to the good people reporting that expose it all!



From: AuntBetsie


I was just saying; I've been left speechless by several issues on occasion these days, everything is so dismantled and so hard to cope.


From: Dot_hoe


clap GREAT!!! 

Candace Owens left an urgent and interesting message there on Amazon under the comments option, thus this book must be great!!  thumbsup


From: SasBun


I just saw it, great comment:

“Every single American needs to read Michael Knowles’s Speechless. I don’t mean ‘read it eventually.’ I mean: stop what you’re doing and pick up this book.”


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From: Sylveria


#TheMichaelKnowlesShow #News #Politics

American Baby Formula Shipped To Illegals At The Border

| Ep. 1005 Premiered 2 hours ago

Michael Knowles
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Biden’s new press secretary laughs at the baby formula shortage, a Maryland elementary school has students pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag, and Josh Hawley tries to strip Disney of its copyright protections.


From: Seaguil


Trump said: "America's citizens come first"

Biden says: "Illegal Alien come first"  

Border Patrol agents have been instructed not to take baby formula home for their own children.