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Canada is now an authoritarian state   Dare you - Canada

Started 12/6/22 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 1843 views.
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Bored of its reputation as inclusive, open-minded and accepting, Canada opted for an authoritarian rebrand last year.

That, at least, seems to have been the intention of prime minister Justin Trudeau. Over the past year, he has led the way towards making authoritarianism great again, forcing thousands of Canadians to live as second-class citizens, while vilifying those who remain fond of their rights as dangerous bigots who should be cut off from society.

Our beta test for Tyranny 2.0 began with the Covid lockdowns in 2020. Would Canadians agree to stay at home, mask up, abandon their elderly loved ones to die alone in hospitals and long-term care homes? Would they ostracise family members who dared to suggest a funeral for grandma? Would they shut down their businesses, host virtual cocktail hours and pretend that banging pots and pans from their windows equates to some kind of community-building exercise? Would they scream at strangers who dared to breathe too close to them on a hiking path, or who took off their masks for a bike ride? Would they turn their neighbours in to the police for hosting Christmas dinner? Why, yes they would!

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What is happening in Canada?

The Ontario College of Psychologists is forcing Jordan Peterson to undergo "mandatory social media communication retraining" for comments he made on Joe Roga...

It's only ten minutes long but if you're pressed for time, start half-way through to get a good feel for the Maoist tactics now practiced in Canada.  Everyone, including Americans, should take a look because your country is headed in the same direction. 

The case of Jordan Peterson is actually not unusual, uncommon, or exceptional in any way except that Peterson is a well known public figure with a following of millions.

Most people, probably not even most Canadians, have not heard of Lynn Beyak, who was twice removed from the Senate, the first time for posting letters she received to her website that were considered to be offensive by woke activists and some Indigenous peoples, and a second time for failing to comply with mandated anti-racism training.

Even less well known is  Frances Widdowson, fired from Mount Royal University for her unorthodox views regarding Canada's Indigenous policy.

But even these two are well known by those who keep abreast of events.  Hundreds more have no public support because no one outside a few who know them personally or by way of their professional environment follow their careers

But thousands, in fact tens of thousands and ultimately millions of Canadians need to 'Be On Guard' (this phrase comes from our national anthem) because they know full well that  authorities-- their employers or even the law, could well be coming for them.

A climate of fear as enveloped this country.


I honestly thought that WWII laws and mentality ended in 1945.


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Canadians might be totally embarrassed to have  communist LEADER as JUSTINE!!

Something has to be done to stop the madness!!! 


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If only everyone read Jordan Peterson books, life would be so easy and understanding for them.


The average IDIOTIC SHEEP do not read books! 

   sheep  ram  sheep sheep 


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That is most probably right! 

That is terribly sad, because I've always thought it was a free world country! 


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Not while Trudeau is leading his herd into nothingness...