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Canada is now an authoritarian state   Dare you - Canada

Started 12/6/22 by Apollonius (Theocritos); 2816 views.
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MP Justin Trudeau is on Trial for the election, for the Truckers mishandling,  for the forced Vaxx and the extreme high-cost of every Canadian's livelihood... 

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I've seen the Trucker issue this morning!

 - What really happened at the Trucker Commission?

 Feb 24, 2023  Rebel News

- On this episode of the The Gunn Show, Sheila was joined by Kian Simone, Rebel News' Chief Documentary Filmmaker. They both discussed his time in Ottawa covering the POEC and his new movie, Trucker Rebellion: Trudeau on Trial.


From: Guard101


Something legally good must come out of this - hopefully.  v

From Anecdotal to Systemic: Mandatory Impact of Race and Culture Assessments.       
Anecdotes can be illustrative of a wider systemic problem if they provide a specific, relatable example of a larger issue that is present in society. The anecdote of Sgt. Andrew Harnett shows the extent to which Canada’s justice system is broken... every single aspect of Canada is built upon the foundation of affirmative action, as outlined on Section 15(2) of our constitution.



From: Dot_hoe


Everything criminally FOUL, Justin Trudeau does is going to be shoved under the carpet!

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This is crucial too

China Crisis continues: Did MP Han Dong impede the release of the two Michaels?

Rebel News 24 Mar 2023  #RebelNews

Rebel News' David Menzies attempts to drop off a petition at MP Han Dong's constituency office in Toronto. Dong has been the subject of explosive allegations surrounding his ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

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In measure after measure the Liberal government is determined to do everything it possibly can to restrict Canadians' access to information:

World Press Freedom Day serves as a reminder that censorship continues to plague our society. Just last week, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced a massive Internet censorship bill, C-11, and announced ethics guidelines for Canadian newsrooms.

Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reveals exclusive documents obtained by Rebel News that show senior executives of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), including its president, Catherine Tait, engaged in an ongoing campaign to pressure Twitter into censoring people and content that the CBC disapproved of.

The targets of this censorship campaign align with those that Trudeau has publicly criticized.

The documents reveal Tait making veiled threats against Twitter, insinuating that if the platform doesn't ban the people the CBC wants silenced, the CBC might stop advertising on Twitter.


From: Seaguil


Most dictators destroy  liberty all together.

4 Bills Trudeau Is Using To Destroy Free Speech

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It's important to question what the CBC and Trudeau administration might have said behind closed doors and what they have achieved with pro-censorship companies like YouTube and Facebook.

If Canadian citizens sit through this saying nothing, these type of censorship will increase, and it will never stop.