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Reliving the Nightmare of 1914   Dare You - US Politics

Started 22-Jun by Apollonius (Theocritos); 1060 views.

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 The cardinal’s ghost cites his own ‘grey eminence’ to show that time is the deadliest of weapons

... “You’re a monster,” I blurted out.

“You solicited my advice, Spengler, because you cannot bear the self-satisfied moralizing of the well-meaning people who set this tragedy into motion, and you are appalled by men of action who clean up the mess left by practitioners of the politics of virtue. Get a stronger stomach if you want to see under the surface of history – including the history that is unfolding before your squeamish eyes.”

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As Kissinger once said, to be an enemy of America is dangerous – but to be a friend is fatal
NEW YORK – The custom-built Oculus headset delivered to my door by a hooded monk seemed to malfunction. The palace on the Place de Vosges appeared once again in the Metaverse but in black and white rather than bright cartoon colors, with less furniture and fewer objects d’art, with drab walls unadorned by the paintings I had admired at our last meeting.
A bit uncertain on my feet I wandered about the virtual-reality residence until I nearly stumbled on, or rather walked through, the translucent ghost of Cardinal Richelieu, the evil genius of 17th century France and master strategist of the Thirty Years’ War.
“Please accept my pardon for my reduced circumstances,” the Cardinal said after we exchanged the usual pleasantries. The budget has been under strain since Meta’s stock price collapsed.

That didn’t bother me; in truth, I preferred the damp ossuary of the Carthusian monks, numberless levels below the sewers of Paris, where I had first materialized the Cardinal’s spirit with the help of a magnum of Chateau Petrus and a spittoon. Virtual reality gave me headaches.
“Your time as always is gratefully appreciated, Eminence,” I offered. “And since your time is constrained,” I added quickly, “please tell me what will happen in Ukraine, and then what will happen elsewhere in consequence.”

['It Became Necessary to Destroy the Country to Save It'] 

Typical warmonger mentality!  confounded

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The Warmonger
spring 2022 Issue

The Warmonger

Stalin saw an advantage in the renewal of global hostilities, so he helped facilitate them.

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1914: The Horrifying Waste Of The Great War

| Great War In Numbers: Season 1 | Timeline

11 Jun 2022
Timeline - World History Documentaries

The Great War was a conflict driven by quantity and numbers, fought by calculating generals for who no cost was too high. For the first time in history, everything was recorded in exacting detail and this documentary reveals the startling facts behind the staggering scale of the war to end all warsof 1914


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Wars of such a magnitude disrupts the rest of the countries' peaceful life, not that there was always what we might call total ''peace'' as such.



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Some of the politicians only feel mightful and strong under the warrior's disguise, but to me they are born criminals and mass-killers!

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Former President Donald Trump told the “Road to Majority” Conference in Nashville June 17:

Now we have the nastiest inflation that we’ve ever seen, we have a war in Ukraine with perhaps millions and millions of people dying in the end…you’re talking about tens of thousands of people dying…and perhaps it’s going to lead to World War III because of the way we’re handling it… We just gave $40 billion on top of another $16 billion, so we’re in for $56 billion…we want to help those people—we have to also save our country, by the way—and it’s horrible, horrible what happened. But when you look at Europe, and Germany and France and all these other countries – they’ve given a tiny fraction of what we’ve given…It should have never happened. If I were president that would have never happened.  One hundred percent, that would never have happened.

Trump would not have pushed Putin into a corner. He’s a deal-maker, and he would have found a formula to avoid war. Russia after all proposed the Minsk II framework in which Ukraine would remain neutral, and the Russian-speaking areas of Eastern Ukraine would have autonomous rule within a sovereign Ukraine. Washington and London encouraged Ukraine to junk the Minsk framework and helped it to re-arm.

Now the US Establishment is backed into a corner. Russia’s economy isn’t collapsing; it will shrink by about 8% this year, according to the International Monetary Fund, not the 50% that Biden predicted. Russia is making more money from energy exports than ever. Rather than collapsing, Russia’s military is running a reasonably efficient war of attrition in Eastern Ukraine, which Ukraine–with far smaller resources–cannot win. Sanctions on Russia turned into an own-goal as our inflation rate jumped with the oil price.

Trump is right about the risk of nuclear war. For example: A losing desperate Ukraine might use Western weapons to attack targets well inside Russia, provoking Russian attacks on arms depots in NATO countries bordering Ukraine.

Of course, letting Putin get away with an illegal and reprehensible invasion of Ukraine would be a black eye for the West. That’s humiliating. But a negotiated settlement of the kind Henry Kissinger proposed earlier this month in Davos would be better than two black eyes, and maybe getting our head blown off.