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A history of antisemitism (   History and Archaeology

Started 25-Jul by Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost); 4003 views.

A history of antisemitism (1/4) | DW Documentary

Where did antisemitism begin, and how did it evolve? The first episode of this documentary series examines the roots of antisemitism, starting with the first wave of anti-Jewish violence in the year 38 in ancient Alexandria.

DW Documentary July 23, 2022

Why did the first major wave of anti-Jewish violence arise in Alexandria when the Romans took power? How did anti-Judaism take root in Christian and Muslim civilizations? After a 300-year Golden Age on the Iberian Peninsula, how did Granada become the scene of a massacre -- the first pogrom on European soil? Why did Jewish pogroms occur throughout the Crusades?

Part one of this four-part documentary walks viewers through the first millennium of this story. The film also examines early struggles to counter antisemitic hostilities: From the protection of the Jews offered by the Carolingians, to the support of the Moorish kings in Spain and the call put out by Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 - 1153) to put an end to the bloody persecution of Jews during the Crusades.

Please!! pray innocent

Get rid of the forum NAZI. he (Harold27Z) is giving your forum a very bad reputation!


From: Harold27Z


Good news.  I am PRO-SEMITE and anti-impostor.

I said so on several postings eg reference 31617.4 dated 2020-01-15.  Alas, the forces of communism always shrink my images.

    With a hard line in hypocrisy
    There are tears of mediocrity

From "Stick Out Your Tongue"

by Elvis Costello:


From: Harold27Z


I used to like Elvis Costello's "Oliver's Army" song.  I deleted it's official video clip when I found an image of him covering one eye as per Satanic Cult procedures.  They also put a finger over their mouth to warn others to be silent about the Cult (or die).  They also do the Masonic concealed "Hidden Hand" sign.

Go check in case I made it up all by myself.

You see, there again you show-OFF your embarrassing PREJUDICIAL thinking!

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A history of antisemitism

(2/4) | DW Documentary

Jul 23, 2022 DW Documentary

This episode of the documentary series examines the history of antisemitism from the 12th to the 18th centuries. During these centuries, the creeping dehumanization of Jewish people on three continents reaches a new dimension.



From: Harold27Z


"You see, there again you show-OFF your embarrassing PREJUDICIAL thinking!"

Alas, you have performed bugger-all research.

Albert Pike was a Confederate war criminal who tortured POWs.  He established the KKK.  Why do you suppose his statue remains in DC when others were removed across Dixie ?

Clues are in his book: "Morals and dogma".  On page 321, he confirm Lucifer is the deity of Freemasonry.  Need I provide a download link ?

Albert Pike was at 33rd degree.  In a letter to his friend Mazzini, he accurately explained how WW1 + WW2 + WW3 would be started.

He was boss of freemasonry at 3 levels 

01 ) DC

02 ) USA

03 ) Global

Within the context of this topic, kindly explain how my thinking may be construed as "PREJUDICIAL" instead of FACTUAL ?

Where you there? Did you see him?

You keep spreading LIES all over the place why should I believe you?

Did you ever see a liable psychologist, for your extended PARANOIA?