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A history of antisemitism (   History and Archaeology

Started 25-Jul by Ø¿æÜ (Wunderlost); 6819 views.
Leah (muppetmel1) said:

Harold is persona non grata at most forums.

Harold has done a lot of harm here, and elsewhere too. 

I think he has done this because he most probably read somewhere that Sand-Grain speaks German and easily understands Yiddish, she learned it from her best friend when she was a student Milan Italy... and living near the Jewish community.


drl0lip0p said:

I didn't know Golda Meir had a movie about her personal life!

-- GOLDA MEIR was a woman of principles.  

After Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War (June 1967) against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, she helped merge Mapai with two dissident parties into the Israel Labour Party.

Aurrora (momaura) said:

A number of individuals when they grow older become very hostile to everyone around them, we have to ignore them before we become like them.

 That's true, and with the web-communities the morose old mind gets spread faster - more than ever!


From: polinious


There's an eminent need to have another brilliant patriot as Golda Meir!!! 


From: Guard101


Outside what box? The NAZI warrior?

Yes this is my clique for years from the POETRY Club, most of them are artists and writers, most of them are cool enough to let an enemy in - to share thoughts, but in vain you tried to get them all into the world of exorbitant hatred of your own hellish world.


From: RozaLux


Pretty well said, Guard101 !

You ought to be the guardian of peaceful thoughts.

I've noticed the lack of defense here, even by the Host!

Zoe (ZeeMom1)

From: Zoe (ZeeMom1)


Leah (muppetmel1) said:

Harold is persona non grata at most forums.

 Entirely - and of course most of his posts are shocking aiming on just about anyone that might not be into his peculiar mentality, I'm shocked that he wasn't banned and off these forums where most of the people might be of the Jewish Faith or from the Middle East!



From: Guard101


Seriously I wish I could, people become speechless when too much hatred attacks happens!

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