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The Elite Panic of 2022   Conservative's view

Started 14-Aug by Apollonius (Theocritos); 1168 views.

“Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump.”

Return to the Founders to Save America?

Patrick Deneen and Michael Anton debate if we need to return to the founders' vision in order to save America.
 Apr 7, 2022 
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Long speeches are great, but you won't find anyone from the LEFTIOTS get a glimpse or listen to this to learn something about life!  


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I have to watch this later today with a group of friends for discussion!


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CNN’s Catherine Rampell: Dems Decided that the Only Way to Help the Needy Is To Give Some Money to the Rich.


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It's Worse Than You Thought...

Getting more expensive: Penn Wharton says Biden student loan plan could exceed $1 trillion

Larry Elder Highlights Sep 6, 2022

The largest potential cost-driver Penn Wharton identified is the Biden administration's new income-driven repayment plan, which includes capping monthly student loan payments at 5% of a borrower's discretionary income and reformingthe repayment guidelines to guarantee that no borrower who makes "about the annual equivalent of a $15 minimum wage" will have to make monthly loan payments.

Debt cancellation alone will cost the United States up to $519 billion, Wharton found in an analysis published Friday. Loan forbearance, which allows borrowers to temporarily stop paying, will cost an estimated $16 billion. The income-driven repayment plan will initially cost $70 billion, however, specific details have yet to be released and the price may be significantly higher.

The income-based portion of Biden's plan needs further analysis, but it may cost $450 billion or more, bringing the total cost of student loan forgiveness to more than $1 trillion, economist Junlei Chen wrote in the Budget Model.

The current administration is the worst the U.S.A ever had! 

In 2022, Republicans cannot fall into the trap of second-guessing themselves and overcomplicating the talking points. The path forward is simple. All signs point to a “red wave.” Every indicator shows President Biden floundering. His approval rating is stuck in the 30s. Just this week, an ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed only 28% of Americans support Mr. Biden’s handling of inflation.

As I see it, it's always about the high ranked Stock Market, and this time they failed enormously!

The Left have often promised things around their campaign with money, but never kept up to any of it! 


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- Our sea isn’t calm, nor are our vessels normally operated. But we do seem headed for a point of impact, with the field of vision before us as clear as it was on that day. And the regime isn’t changing course. It must want this -- or else is so high on its own supply that it can’t see what it is doing.

Poetic words - I wonder if it helps to get good and peaceful results!



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thumbsup True  -- as day light!