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Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party   Conservative's view

Started 26-Sep by Schantelle (cephalogram); 3054 views.
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Thank you everyone for the participation! relaxed

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The UN and their own MAFIOSI are trying to shut Giorgia Meloni  down!   unamused


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Italy PM Giorgia Meloni's controversial budget plan wins approval Access to the comments

A new budget law put forward by Italy's Giorgia Meloni-led government was approved on Thursday, after winning a confidence vote in both houses of parliament.

Italian President Sergio Mattarella signed the 2023 budget on Thursday evening. The package had been approved by the Senate in the morning, and by the Chamber of Deputies last week.

By Andrea Carlo  & Reuters, ANSA  •  Updated: 30/12/2022

The budget drives up next year's deficit to 4.5% of gross domestic product from 3.4% forecast in September, allocating more than €21 billion in tax breaks and bonuses to assist businesses and households as they tackle the energy crisis.

These messy times, let's not forget that Italy became a refugee platform, plus the CONvid  hullabaloo .. 


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Migrant tragedies--deaths at sea--are all too familiar in this part of the world. But the demise of a rickety boat called "Summer Love" late last month struck a particularly painful chord. It happened close to Italy’s southern coast--the vessel packed with migrants broke into pieces less than 10 feet from shore in Calabria. Bodies washed up on the beach. Among the more than seventy dead were said to be 20 children and those souls recovered were laid out in a gym near where the disaster occurred in coffins, the children in small white ones.

ROME (AP) ---

Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni unveiled her right-wing government's plans to crack down on people smugglers following a Cabinet meeting she led Thursday in the southern town near the beach where a wooden boat packed with migrants broke apart 11 days earlier, killing scores and leaving many missing.

By holding the meeting in Cutro, Calabria, instead of the capital, Rome, Meloni said she was stressing her resolve to “combat the slavery of the Third Millennium.”