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Peaceful people being harassed   Social issues

Started 30/6/20 by Sand_Grain; 16494 views.

From: B0BBI3


Sand-Grain had a French education, in French anything corrupt becomes Anarchism, it's in the French slang vocabulary...

I've even seen a French fashion designer screaming "ANARCHISME, anarchisme, araque!!! (bullying)" and so on because the outfit looked awful and disastrous!


Synonyme de anarchisme. État de trouble, de désordre dû à l'absence d'autorité politique, à la carence des lois. État de confusion générale

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From: B0BBI3


Eric (lokisgodi) said:

Antifa is all about using intimidation to ram their beliefs down the throats of others. They are not Anarchists. They are Marxists. This is dictatorship of (by) the proletariat. Also known as intimidation.



From: B0BBI3


Everyone sat very calmly with wide open eyes... and maybe thought - next time - we might better eat home!

I would! laughing

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Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Antifa and anarchists have hijacked Floyd protests but left won't admit it

Antifa, By All Means Necessary, and other militant or Anarchist groups have disrupted universities across the country, including my own, for years.

They have found many political and academic allies. Dartmouth Professor Mark Bray wrote a book on antifa, defining the movement as committed to the silencing of opponents and the rejection of classic concepts of free speech.

The movement has since found open or passive acceptance with many on the academic left. In fairness, however, many Democratic politicians have denounced past violent attacks.

By Jonathan Turley, opinion contributor

— 06/02/20 08:00 AM EDT

Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin was a Russian activist, writer, revolutionary, scientist, economist, sociologist, historian, essayist, researcher, political scientist, biologist, geographer and philosopher who advocated anarcho-communism.

Anarchism vs Marxism: A False Dichotomy?

1 Mar 2020 Zoomer Nation


Eric (lokisgodi)

From: Eric (lokisgodi)


The Hill is a liberal neo-Marxist source.  Which has a vested interest in mis-characterising the actual beliefs of Anarchism and Anarchists. Because Anarchism is a rival political movement in competition with Marxism.


From: TAB00GA


GonghisKhan said:

confused I'm glad that the people sitting at the restaurant sat calmly without reacting, if anyone did these hooligans would have trashed the place and most likely caused a lot of damages!


I don't think anyone cares if it is one or the other. The thing is, both groups are out to destroy our nation. These young people have been coddled most of their lives and have no idea what the United States stands for and how we got to where we are today. We should bring back the draft and make every person, male and female, between 17 and 22 serve at least two years in the army with no exceptions for college or whatever and no peace core. Maybe then they will understand what it is to be an American.  

Eric (lokisgodi)

From: Eric (lokisgodi)


Out to destroy America? LOL. Hardly.

Anarchists know how to negotiate, talk things through and come to a consensus. How to  agree to course of action or decision. one made by all.  Without throwing public tantrums when ever things don't go exactly their way. Like Democrats and Republicans currently do.  This is a skill all Americans ought to acquire.

Because that's the very nature of Anarchy.  Ana + Archy.


a prefix in loanwords from Greek, where it means “up,” “against,” “back,” “re-”: anabasis; used in the formation of compound words: anacardiaceous.


a combining form meaning “rule,” “government,” forming abstract nouns usually corresponding to personal nouns ending in -arch:

Maybe what we really ought to do is make getting a passing grade in language arts/English mandatory.


From: Seaguil


There's more from where this link came from!