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Suntanologic BLM theory    Social issues

Started 10/8/20 by Harold27Z; 18171 views.

From: Harold27Z


Yes thank you.   I watched that Rhodes series in the late 1980's and will always keep it in my collection.

The series mentions Kimberley where a 90m Colesburg hill was converted into one of the biggest man-made holes in search of diamonds.

It fails to mention the Brits moved border posts whereby Kimberley would fall under the British controlled Cape province instead of the Boer's Orange Free State. 

Not content with diamonds, Rhodes sent Rhodesian troops to invade ZAR / Transvaal to steal Boer gold.  The invasion was commemorated by a Boer stone monument at  Paardekraal, near a lion park where suntans stole fencing for their nearby squatter camp.  You could not make it up.  Nor could I.  So I didn't.

In theory, the invasion was to help disgruntled English gold miners.  In reality, they were blissfully unaware of their alleged grievances until they were printed in the newspapers.

Suntans, fresh from the bush, would work on the mines.  If asked to fetch a wheel-barrow, they would literally carry it.

The main actor who plays Rhodes; Martin Shaw, is almost identical to a sister's ex-boyfriend.

I had 14,000 documentaries.  Many are historical,

I recommend

01 ) "Zulu dawn" -  a 1964 Michael Caine movie.

02 ) "Circles in a forest" - drama - anti wood-cutter snobbery - low prices paid by deceptively claiming wood delivered was never the type needed - hard for railway sleepers / soft for furniture etc.   

03 ) "Feast of the uninvited" - Redcoats burning farmhouses and crops, stealing or bayonetting livestock, kidnapping innocent Boer women and children - 27,500 died in concentration camp tents due to maltreatment, starvation eg Lizzie van Zyl below.  Kids were fed glass sandwiches and denied medical attention,

The link below lets you scroll down and download a book about an ACCURATE Boer prophet who died in 1926.  God will redirect the pendulum to swing and it will not swing alone.

I will investigate your mother's forum shortly.


From: AuntBetsie


Paul J Watson  is dead rkght!!

Samurai (BushMesh)

From: Samurai (BushMesh)


Bernard (Hipocampous) said:

Remington, there was Olivetti

The ink tape is very hard to find!


From: Harold27Z


You won't expect me to thank you profusely.  I reckon she's a mind-controlled puppet.

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From: Dot_hoe


I definitely feel sorry for Greta, anyone else feels the same? !


From: SasBun


The Left controlled regimental hordes

They are ruling as they may be Gods

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From: Harold27Z


Choose your words carefully.   They could almost be misconstrued into a desire to feel that paranoid child (groper Biden style).


From: SasBun


How about

Forced by brigaded hordes

Ruling as they may be loyal bots