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Critical Race Theory - Helping or Hurting?   Social issues

Started 30/10/20 by Sand_Grain; 36377 views.



Everything is so well said into a smooth one-liner!  ok_hand

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Christopher Rufo has been doing a whole series of articles about the indoctrination now being taught in thousands of schools across America:

Portland and Seattle, America's two whitest large cities, have gone furthest with self-hate programs.

Once a phrase is dreamed up everyone jumps on the bandwagon:

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The theory and pedagogy of 'spirit murder':

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Doesn't matter if you're black.  They still can't/won't debate you:

Ibram X. Kendi Turned Down My Offer

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The mainstream media needs the culture dilemma and racism issues, if not they won't have anything to talk about!


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So true, and that's not the only history fact I've seen...

My mom told me when she was a kid, she was beaten in school for befriending other kids of Aboriginal tribes.

Grooming hatted for the future!


It's all a distraction from the real issues, for example and especially the economy (rising disparities in income, affordable housing, inflation), but also mass migration and immigration, falling standards in education, falling standards in news reporting, and public safety, i.e., crime prevention.

Those who study the phenomenon cannot help but notice how in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, leftists lost interest in economic matters.  The term for this is cultural Marxism, but looking on Wikipedia I notice they consider this designation a 'conspiracy theory'.