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Critical Race Theory - Helping or Hurting?   Social issues

Started 30/10/20 by Sand_Grain; 56297 views.

It's all a distraction from the real issues, for example and especially the economy (rising disparities in income, affordable housing, inflation), but also mass migration and immigration, falling standards in education, falling standards in news reporting, and public safety, i.e., crime prevention.

Those who study the phenomenon cannot help but notice how in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, leftists lost interest in economic matters.  The term for this is cultural Marxism, but looking on Wikipedia I notice they consider this designation a 'conspiracy theory'.

... A rule of our public discourse, manifest during the 2020 presidential campaign, is: use white as an epithet, and no one will notice. It is now assumed that whites will be flagellated for their race and will accept such flagellation as normal and just. But use the term white to point out this anti-white bias and you will be accused of playing dangerous identity politics. Conservative commentators may themselves lodge that complaint.

This turn-the-other-cheek policy has not worked. The broad appeal to color-blind principles has failed to wake the public up. Conservatives must name what is going on. The only remaining hope for reclaiming the legacy of the West is to be explicit about how that legacy is being unwound and to forthrightly rebut the equation between whiteness and evil.

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The excessive racial smear slander from the antagonists has always been known as an attack with totally bogus allegations to lock everyone up into the same pot.


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It is more than '"great" it is reality! 


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Wisely said, the editorial deserves a prime time award.  thumbsup

Everyday passing, life for the citizens gets worse! 

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A sharp new book takes a look at its quackery

... Yet millions of Americans have been hoodwinked by this nonsense, so many so that all of our elite institutions, spanning academia, media, corporate boardrooms, and the entertainment industry, now kowtow to Kendi’s illogic.

.So it’s difficult not to be a little pessimistic about the billion-dollar racial grievance industry. I presume none of Feser’s CRT sparring partners will actually read this book — they have proved themselves so impervious to even the most charitable and tempered criticism that they seem a lost cause. Nevertheless, as elections have shown, voters are tiring of being called racists and being forced to conform to the suffocating categories created by CRT ideologues.

Perhaps, then, the best target audience for Feser’s pocket-size refutation of CRT are those who thought embracing it would place them in the “good guys” camp, but have begun to realize they were suckered them into a spiral of endless self-abasement. There is no forgiveness or reconciliation in the anti-racist paradigm. That would mean equity had been realized — an end-state anti-racists will never allow, because it would eliminate their (very lucrative) raison d’être.

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Long and detailed.  I won't copy any excerpts.  Read the whole thing:

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Teaching and Learning, he has been openly talking about it since 2018

Prof. Ibram X. Kendi: Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.

Feb 8, 2018 American Historical Association



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It speak by its-own!   v