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Travel restrictions   Discussions

Started 22-Oct by Harold27Z; 707 views.
Michele (Conclave)

From: Michele (Conclave)


It's called "quarantine". 

He can fly out -- with negative Covid test and a mask. NO vaccine needed.

Doesn't want to play by those rules? Then he can charter a plane.

When he gets to his country of destination, he can sit his ass down for a 10-14 day quarantine.

Rules are what civilizations are run on. Don't want to play by the rules? You don't get to pick and choose. You stop at red lights, you don't carry a firearm in the cabin of a plane, you don't rape, steal, or cheat. You do those things, then you pay the consequences. Them's the rules, buddy.

Eliot (Elohimil)

From: Eliot (Elohimil)


As an old modernize Jew, I'm not that religious,

but you got it right on, because of the striking similarity! thumbsup

In Europe most moslems have an exceptional case not to get vaccinated and still may travel as they wish....



From: Harold27Z


I was unaware of that special muslime travel exemption privilege.  I only knew Hindus were allowed on motor-bikes with turbans replacing helmets.

 I cannot imagine how Britain survived for centuries without their alleged skill-sets.

Its despicable that people take the mental experimental jab KNOWING it contains tissues from abortion-tortured babies. That sustains the market.  

Excuse me, I feel compost-mentis and need tosleep for a few hours.

Well now we all know whom to trust and think to the consequences... 


From: Harold27Z


I trust you with my life.


From: AuntBetsie


You seem to like to be ENCLAVEDgrin

Harold27Z said:

Its despicable that people take the mental experimental jab KNOWING it contains tissues from abortion-tortured babies. That sustains the market. 

Stop spreading lies and falsehoods. 

Here's a good post about the supposed "aborted fetuses" in vaccines. and look! It even comes with links to multiple sources! Something you don't see around here very much from the "sky is falling crowd".

There are many misconceptions about the research and manufacturing process of many medications we rely on, vaccines included. Several of these pertain to the use of fetal cell lines.
Fetal cell lines are cells that were obtained from a tissue biopsy after elective abortions decades ago. They bear no resemblance to a fetus or even fetal tissue. These cell lines are created by modifying and growing them in the lab. As a result, we can maintain them for decades. These cells can divide nearly 50 times and be frozen or immortalized, enabling them to divide even further once thawed. Cell lines are used ubiquitously in biomedical research, and play a key role in the manufacturing of vaccines (and other medications) we use today.
There are many different fetal cell lines, but the ones scientists used to help develop the J&J vaccine and mRNA vaccines specifically are PER.C6 and HEK-293.
PER.C6 is a cell line derived from embryonic retinal cells, isolated in 1985. It is specifically used for the J&J vaccine because it has been modified in the lab to allow replication of the adenoviral vector utilized in this vaccine. These cells allow researchers to manufacture large quantities of the vector that will end up in the final vaccine.
HEK-293 is a cell line derived from embryonic kidney cells, isolated in 1973. HEK-293 are one of the most commonly used cell lines in research. These cells were used to verify that the genetic instructions (mRNA) led to the production of functional COVID-19 spike protein in human cells.
No vaccines actually contain fetal cells (or any cells for that matter) in the final product; cell lines are ONLY used in research and manufacturing processes, and are filtered and removed before packaging and release.
Although these cells have advanced the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines, some religious leaders initially expressed some apprehension. However, after thoughtful consideration, these religious leaders understood that the benefit of these vaccines are unmatched, and they have encouraged their followers to get vaccinated as well.
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Not sure how that is used, but if you mean to close myself off, I think you've got it backwards. I'm willing to read/watch multiple sources to bolster my opinions. I'm willing to change my mind about something if presented with enough evidence from credible sources that I'm wrong. I'm not living in an echo chamber.

So, your use of the word is wrong, where it pertains to me.