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Welcome to our free quilting forum, the Online Quilting Guild, where you can share ideas about quilting, swap fabrics and other projects, and chat with quilters worldwide.

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Welcome to the Quilting Forum

Welcome to the Online Quilting Guild, formerly known as the Scrap Quilts Forum. This forum replaces the Quilting Forum.

Messages are sorted into folders. Each time you enter the forum, new messages will be marked with a yellow star. If you need help learning the system, refer to Delphi's Forum Support Info.

Forum Moderators

  • Janma (Janet)
  • MISHAMISHA (Misha)

Guidelines for Fabric, Block, and Other Quilting Swaps

  • Do not post a swap to this forum if it is being hosted on another forum. In other words, do not take sign-ups in both places. It's just too hard to track participants between two groups. The exception to that is the Quilt Block Swaps at Let's Make Quilts, a Facebook group.
  • Each hostess will determine the guidelines for each swap. Make sure you are comfortable with the swap leader and guidelines before you enter a swap and understand that you are swapping at your own risk
  • Depending on the type of swap, hostesses may want to distribute a master list of each participant, including email and snailmail contact information. Hosts will likely want to know:

    your Delphi ID
    your full name
    your home address
    your private email address
    your phone number

Also See: Our Complete Forum Guidelines

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