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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 2261319 views.
viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


Is it hard to rent out your house? Around here where I live it is hard to found a place to rent.

Well we are out in the country and it was only listed a week ago so it is too early to tell. 

Judy (DJZMOM) said:

I'm sure that doubly confirmed her offer to DD!

the awkward thing was I terminated her.  But she still wanted to use me as a reference.  It didn't matter tho, daughter has accepted a position in Waco, at a larger clinic where she will be working with several others OTs.  She feels she wants to work with some experienced therapists for her 1st job as a registered Occupational therapist.  It's a growing pediatric practice, with a waiting list of over 60.  So she will be able to have a full client load pretty quickly.  And the salary was significantly higher.  I'm a little disappointed that she won't be closer in Fort Worth but Waco is only 1.5hrs away, slightly closer than she is now.   We drove down on Friday and looked at apartments.   It's changed a lot since I was there in 1980 smile


From: latterberry


How exciting for your DD!  Maybe she will run into Chip ad Jo Gaines.

you were definitely right about the shortages in therapy.  She got 3 offers right away, and was just contacted by a 4th.  Though she's still happy with the one she took in Waco.  I was surprised too at the salary.  My impression has always been health care didn't pay as well as business but her starting salary is significantly higher than my son's in accounting  - both with masters.  Though she has experience & he doesn't - also her grades are better.  Still, we're all glad because her debt is $$$$ignificant.


From: latterberry


Our DD has been a  PT for 16 years and she says there is always a need for more.  She gets 1 or2 students a year to train during their clinicals.  I think that there are so many of us "baby boomers" getting older and needing therapy, and I think doctors are more likely to prescribe therapy  than they did in years past.  DD is still working on student loan!!  Undergrad wasn't a problem with her scholarships ad grants but grad school sure was a bite.  She lucked out and only needed her masters.  The year after she started, it was changed to needing their doctorate to get certified.  That would certainly add to the student loan debt.  Is she working through a hospital or private clinic?


From: MelRN


Do you guys remember the bright/black swaps so long ago? I found those blocks and decided it's time to put them together. I'm quite frustrated because they were supposed to be 4.5". I remember spending so much time trimming mine, making them perfect before I sent them. I've found them anywhere from 4.25" to 5.25". This is crap! :( Warning to anyone else who hasn't done them yet. It's a load of work. :( 

That sounds like a fun challenge.  I would just stagger them, place them randomly, and use coping strips where needed.  Sounds like fun.  


From: bornblesse2


Either coping strips, or just frame them. And then trim to the same size!

that’s how Cathy did her heart blocks….

her new job is a private clinic, pediatric only.  She also has been working PRN for a rehab hospital group that is nationwide, so she's already set up to do weekend work there to pick up extra $$.  She goal was 3 to 5 years to pay off loan.  I told her that was probably too agressive, maybe shoot for 10 and if it goes faster then great.  She had thought about PT but the requirement for doctorate was part of what dissuaded her.  There is talk about making OT a DR as well, but for now it's only masters.