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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 849752 views.

From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Sandy in TX (Centergranny) said:

 Is there a pattern name and I missed it? 

good question.  There probably is and I likely knew the name the 1st time I made one of these.  But that was a good 5 years ago and I don't remember now.  The block that makes the tails is just a Snails trail block.  the tricky part is getting the colors in the right place - very tricky actually.  I made the cat blocks 1st and putting them on the wall.  then VERY carefully making the 4 patches for the center of the snails trail, then sewing on the triangles (used the freezer paper method of pp'ing).  And I had to redo a few of them because I spun the wrong direction.  

here is a good close up of a snail trail block, I think I did mine 1 more layer.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


my DD is struggling with the heat at the nursing homes while fully gowned/masked/face shield.  while doing OT.  They've had several people pass out because they keep the nursing homes so warm for the residents.  She's started putting ice packs in her bra.  not sure how she's accomplishing that because she wears a size b but whatever grinning  She's definitely liking the rehab hospital much more these days, it's colder.    The nursing home is testing all the staff every week, which is handy because one of her home health families is now quarantined.  Since she's being tested so regularly - takes most of every Monday morning - she doesn't have to go get tested for the other places.

How are you making the neck scarves?  I may try that for her.

I did that when I was doing Shakespeare in the Park...swirled it the wrong direction. I was freaking out so I put it all away and haven't touched it for a decade! :D 

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


these blocks  would give me the heebeejeebees!!! and I might break out in hives!!...but looking at it logically...I can see how to create a 'brain marker' for accomplishing this...color of triangle must be the same along the top of the long as that is met...this block would work..

So the best way not to mix up the colors is to take colored pencil and just put an X in each shape of your paper what color you need there. No colored pencil then just write the name of the color in that spot like yellow, purple........etc. Yes I can see that you definitely could mix that up very easily.




Do we need to make neck coolers?

We can ya know!

I just sent my Las Vegas son more masks, he got a new job (he is out of the Air Force) so he has to wear a mask while at work.

Maybe she would like this better - not for everyday but FOR WORK.  I know it looks like a little old lady bra, but she might be much more comfortable at work.  I think I am going to order one and try it, and see if it really feels any different.  I am having trouble finding a front-closing bra that is not a stiff athletic bra, and is comfortable enough for every day, and doesn't hurt my arms, elbows and shoulders getting it on and off - and fits well.    


From: Mishii


bornblesse2 said:

how are the Covid counts where you are?

We have over 20,000 cases and still rising.  They say we will peak in August.

The cooling neck wraps are quick and easy.  I got the  beads from Amazon for like $7.


From: Mishii



Do we need to make neck coolers?

No, I got this one......they are just strips of 4.5" x WOF.  Section it off as you fill with the beads.

They only get one each so it isn't like the masks.  A marketer found cooler neck towels (?) for like $1.50 at Walmart and then they found some of those cheapy battery fans that you can wear around your neck.  They are putting them under their gowns LOL

It might not work, but at least we are trying!


From: tuckyquilter


The Neck Coolers. 

First what is the name of the little crystals that go inside?  I never remember.

I still have one I bought a billion years ago for my daughter when she played softball.  It would get pretty hot out on those fields and she was a catcher.  Only took the gear off to bat.

Also a bunch of us made a boatload of them to put in care packages for military heading to the Middle East.  They loved them out in that hot nasty desert.