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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 472357 views.

From: NanaSuz


Lynne, Thank you for your help locating the information on posting pictures. This time I wrote out the instructions. Can't trust the memory when it comes to computers.

I agree that charity quilts are win/win. I love thinking of the person who receives the one I'm making. I sew prayers into them as I stitch along.

Just once I'd love to see the face of the woman somewhere around the world as she gets my quilt. 

Enjoy your day,


all this talk of finishing projects has reminded me that I have way too many things going right now.  And I started my next applique project last night, just because I've been missing applique. 

I have 4 I spy quilts pieced but only need to sew the blocks and rows together. 

I also have that silly hand pieced FOREVER project - I've done the very LAST flower but still need 10 more stars (sigh) before I can put the blocks/rows together.  And lordy, no idea how I'm going to quilt that monster. 

And I have agreed to hem a bridesmaid dress for a friend of my daughter who is very pregnant and due 2 weeks after her brother's wedding.  Her 1st dress is now too small, this was the backup dress.  guessing how much bigger she'll get in the next 3 weeks was fun  - and of course it is chiffon - not looking forward to hemming but I really love this sweet girl.  sigh. 

I need to get the binding on the quilt Ami quilted for me - It's all blocked and ready to go.

And then I finally decided on my next applique project.  I had purchased a Christmas quilt pattern several years ago based on the sample in the store, but then lost interest in it - also my applique skills weren't that good.  I kept looking at new patterns and couldn't decide.  So since I really just wanted to be doing some applique, I'm going to do a few blocks and see how it goes.  The pattern is VERY rough and the photo is hard to see, no suggestions on colors other than the photo.  So I'll definitely be winging it . 

I am using a different method of prepared edge - at least trying it to see if I like it better.  It uses freezer paper but you don't reverse the pattern.  Instead you put the shiny side of the paper up on top of the fabric, and iron the seam allowance edge to that.  Then starch along the fold and iron again to dry.  Actually kind of liking it better.  I always worried about how much the edge raveled when removing the freezer paper but she has you use a stiletto to loosen the edge before removing.  And since the freezer paper holds the edge down, you don't have to use as much starch and it doesn't distort as much.  The method is from this book:  

Another advantage, she has you cut out the template and leave a window from the background paper, that you can then use to audition the fabric - kind of a neat idea.  Always fun to learn something new.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


re: using freezer paper as a template ON TOP of the applique fabric. ........ very intriguing idea.   Keep us posted on your opinions.

I'm afraid I didn't explain it well.  I had to read the section a couple of times before I figured out what she was doing.  You iron it to the right side first, cut the piece out.  Then remove it and put it on the back of the fabric, shiny side up.  then press.  The scary part is clipping curves.  that's the only part I don't like.  You have to clip when it's stuck on the front, then take it off and move to the back.  I don't like that, I've had to redo a couple of patches because my clips were too close to the fold.  Also I'm used to very small seam allowances from needle turn, that were too small to pull around for prepared edge.  Maybe a couple of spots of glue on the wrong side to hold it then clip.  I'm thinking I'll kind of test different methods on this quilt.  

and good golly, there is an entire wreath of holly leaves, 6 pointy tips on every one.  sigh.  At least there aren't very many inside points.  But some of those holly leaves aren't going to be as acute points as she's drawn them.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


Martha Nordstrand used sticker paper...and turned the edges with glue and tiny screwdrivers...I would use my Appliquick tools now instead of the tiny screwdrivers...


From: latterberry


I finished up a few more tops that will be in line to be quilted.  One of these days.  A while back Jonna shared a paper piece

d pattern that I really liked and I shared the one block I made.  This is the completed top


From: latterberry


And this is the dots and dashes pattern that Judy in Ohio was thinking of doing.  Only I did mine with a black background. Not sure why it went sideways.


From: judyinohio


That is really scrumptious, Lynne!!

I'll get in line at the charity so someone will give me that one someday if  you'll just give me a clue where you are going to donate it.  LOL


From: judyinohio


My goodness, you are a veritable speed demon when it comes to turning out these quilt tops! That is very, very pretty with the black background.

oh very nice!   Love how that turned out.