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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 536223 views.

Finally finished the quilt I loaded on the longarm June 12. It did not help being away for a good part if the Summer. Having a lunch break and the gonna load the next quilt. I just reached in the bin and grabbed the one on top. It is the bargello we all made at a retreat some years back. Not sure how I am gonna quilt it but I have a few ideas.

On a side note DBIL keeps asking when I was gonna finish the one I just finished. Told him I was gonna get it off the machine today, at which he said "You are gonna run outts stuff to work on." I just laughed and laughed. I assured him that was not gonna happen. The ready to go bin has 12 tops and there are more tops not to mention UFO's.

I do hope to get started on the binding soon.

now that's a cute idea!  I might just do that - those white spaces bother me a bit, that's why I started thinking about doing it as a tessellation

that turned out wonderful.  I love the texture created by the strings.  very nice.

Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

You are gonna run outts stuff to work on.

that is a good one.  It should be in the Laugh for the day thread.  he doesn't know many quilters does he - lol.

I think I am the only quilter he has ever known. He does ask a lot of questions and seems to like my quilts.

I took my 1st long arm class - it was pretty disappointing.  It was on ruler work, but she was very unorganized and didn't really seem to have a plan.  oh well, back to you tube videos and practicing.  I'm starting to worry about quilting my Christmas applique.  I want to do it, but I'm not sure if I can do much other than echo. unamused Wish you were closer.

another finished.  This was the 1st block I prepared and I did not line the flame though I did the cancel - I don't remember why.  And you could see the seams on the flame very well through the fabric.  Rather than remove it, I decided to applique another fabric over the top.  I'm not completely sure I'm happy with it but I'm going to leave it for now and see if it grows on me.  From a distance it looks fine but not particularly flame-like.

This leaves 3 blocks left to embellish plus the garland across the top that I haven't appliqued yet.  I think I need to start thinking about the sashing fabric.  In the original quilt it was a kind of olive green which worked well. but I don't think I have anything like it in my stash - greens can be so weird.  

in the spirit of getting the next forever project queued up, I purchased this pattern from Piece O Cake.   I thought this would be a good scrap project to be portable.  She actually pieces them using paper piecing on the machine, which I may or may not do.  But definitely plan to hand sew the hexagons together.  also thinking I might applique the center piece since it is small.  I want to try EPP the pieces in the hexagon and see how it goes.   those of you who have done EPP, does this look doable?  

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Yeah, I think about what to quilt with my applique tops also.  SITD - absolutely but for the background?  Ugh. .  Interesting ideas just aren't happening. 

Stipple/close meander is always the fall back option but I just really don't care for it.  Echoing is also a choice but,  again, it's not a look I particularly care for.  (The exception is my Hawaiian applique.  I will bow to tradition and echo quilt that one.)

So, what is left?  I know I'm going to be stewing over each one, as I don't  have any ready ideas. :-(

Some classes are better than others.  The good ones are *really* good, and some of the bad ones are *really* bad.  A few years ago, Sandy and I took a class in Grapevine on how to make the "Sew Together" bag.  I had heard there was a very good (and long) YouTube video tutorial, but I thought a class would be better.  So, I gave Sandy that class for her birthday, and took the class with her.  That teacher was not all that organized either.  She had taught the class many times, so I guess she was tired of doing it or something, but she wasn't very proactive, and sometimes was not all that helpful.  I was somewhat frustrated, and I know Sandy was too.  I bet we BOTH could have made it ourselves (with better techniques) if we had just watched the YouTube video and worked our own way through the instructions.  IIRC, people were saying that the instructions were a tiny bit confusing, but they were able to make the bag using the YouTube video.  I think maybe Carolyn (Nelson) is the one who told me that.  Or maybe Ellen?  But anyway, yeah, just like in "real life," some teachers are better than others.